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About 2 or 3 years ago, one of the latest and greatest inventions along the lines of nursing shoes were the Z-Coil shoes. They were white and the coil on the heel consisted of a spring. I had heard several people from this site sing it's praises, and by golly, they looked just so comfortable!!! Hubby and I were on a vacation in CO where the flagship store is and he promised we could stop on the way back. However, we had such a blast touring Mesa V erde that the store was closed on our way back to Pagosa Springs. I soooo badly wanted pair of those shoes as I was working as a volunteer doula at that time, but I guess it was never meant to be.

The only bad things I've heard about Z-coils is that they can get tangled in IV tubing.

Can anyone tell me if their still around? Or if you have a pair, I'd like to hear what you have to say about them. :heartbeat


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I don't have much foot or leg pain after working (thank goodness) but I can definitely tell the difference between the nights I wear my compression socks and when I don't. My feet feel much heavier and my lower back hurts more when I don't wear them, the back pain could be a coincidence though :)

I believe I have these:

They stop just below my knee and those suckers are tight! Hopefully they will prevent varicose veins too. I began wearing them in nursing school because I wanted to keep my legs good looking.

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I had the same problems. My fix came with 3/4-length orthotic inserts (Dr. Scholl's type--a LOT cheaper than seeing podiatrist). I slip them in which ever pair of shoes I'm wearing. It took a few days for the pain to completely go away, but I'm pain free now.

Last week I tried on a pair of Sketchers that have the "rocker sole" that are supposed to tone your legs while you walk. They were the most comfortable shoes I have EVER tried on!!!! I'm trying to talk DH into buying me a pair for clinicals (they're $99) since I quit my job to go back to school full time.

I just bought those Sketcher shoes and they ARE so comfortable. I don't know that they will improve the leg workout like they advertise, but they are so comfortable. I didn't buy them for work, just for walking and they do make my calves sore, but I 'm sure it will just take a week or two to get used to the different motion. They are so squishy :)

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I have some of those Skechers shape-ups, too -- they really are squishy! I like 'em.


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Do yourself a favor, go to JC Penny and check out the Reebok On the Clock II's. They are not the most attractive shoe known to man (or woman), but I have had zero foot issues wearing them through nursing school and in the ED. Plus they are only $50. They are wonderful shoes, I recommend them to a lot of people with positive results.