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7 hours ago, speedynurse said:

LibraNurse - when I was in the ER, we ALWAYS wasted the remaining amount of any controlled substance. We were never allowed to use a vial for multi doses. However, when I went to PACU, it was common practice to use a vial for multi doses. This is something that shocked me after coming from the ER that if a second dose was given from the same vial, that was never allowed to happen again! I don’t know if this is maybe just a PACU thing with using multi dose vials but it definitely confused me with the change of rules coming from the ER to the surgical team!

Glad to hear I'm not alone! 


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On 1/23/2021 at 2:18 PM, klone said:

But I disagree with the policy about not re-accessing the vial if it's for the same patient in the same day. What is their rationale for that, I wonder?

Vials are considered single use. Most don’t have preservatives so accessing a vial multiple times can result in bacterial contamination. That is what I learned several years ago, and it made me change my practice of reusing vials….though I hate the waste! Why can’t drug companies make 25mcg/0.5 carpuject or syringes? Grrrr!

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11 hours ago, 9kidsmomRN said:

Why can’t drug companies make 25mcg/0.5 carpuject or syringes? Grrrr!



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1 hour ago, Hoosier_RN said:


I so agree. My hospital started a pain management program that required only 1 mg Dilaudid given at first for c/o's of pain. Of course, the Pyxis was stock with 2 mg vials requiring a waste every time. A waste that required a witness. Finding a witness took time and further delayed the med administration. Which wasted the RN's time looking to the witness.


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