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  1. LibraNurse27

    Syringe Disaster

    Hi all, I am having a mental health crisis and had to take a few weeks off work to stabilize, and feel I'm not able to accurately evaluate the seriousness of situations in my current state. I changed jobs 9 months ago and had trouble finding a psychiatrist with my new insurance, and ran out of my meds for bipolar 1. After a few days off meds I felt disoriented and experienced trouble focusing, even some visual hallucinations. These symptoms became increasingly worse yesterday during a busy shift with short staffing. A pre-op nurse asked me to give 5000 units heparin SQ and show her how because she hadn't given a sub q since nursing school. I have given heparin hundreds of times. But I felt so out of it, I could barely figure out how to draw it up. I used a 1ml syringe that didn't have a leur lock instead of a 3ml leur lock syringe. When I gave the injection some of the heparin went in but then the syringe disconnected from the needle and the rest spilled onto the bed! The other nurse saw it but didn't say anything. The OR team was rushing her so they could bring the pt in. I told my charge nurse and she said I didn't need to tell the surgeon. Apparently the pt had no history of blood clots but had once had a weird phlebitis of a vein in his hand that resolved on its own, all labs for a clotting disorder negative. She said anesthesia didn't think he needed heparin but surgeon did. I wanted to let the surgeon know but I was being called back to PACU because another patient was getting up unassisted and another coming out of OR with no nurse available. By the time those things were settled the heparin patient was in the OR. The rest of the shift I could barely function because I was sick with anxiety on top of my bipolar symptoms. I finished the shift but avoided giving any meds. Today I went to the ER and got my meds plus time off to find a psychiatrist. Do you think I am horrible for not telling the surgeon? I am seriously considering resigning even if I'm able to re-stabilize on medication. I don't want to be a danger to patients or become someone who doesn't own up to my mistakes. Thank you so much for reading this long post.
  2. LibraNurse27

    Multiple doses in same syringe?

    Hi all, I just started working in an outpatient PACU and I already made a mistake =( 7 years as a nurse and the only med error I've ever made was giving 200mg IV thiamine instead of 100mg. I'm used to drawing up only the amount of a med I'm giving and wasting the rest. So if giving 25mcg fentanyl from a 100mcg/2ml syringe, per hospital policy I would just draw up the 0.5ml and waste the rest. Then if I need another 25mcg, do it again. I know it wastes medication but that is how we did it, never walked around with fentanyl in our pockets. Here there are orders for fentanyl 25mcg q 5 mins up to 150mcg. Their policy is pull the whole 2ml, give 0.5ml at a time and waste what is left. I feel nervous pushing in only a portion of what's in a syringe, and about holding on to a syringe with narcotic in it. They do have a box you're supposed to lock the syringe in for the 5 mins between doses but no one uses it. I was doing OK when they had 3ml syringes because it was easy to see the markings for 0.5ml, but now they ran out and today I had to use a 5ml syringe with no clear markings other than each 1ml. I wanted to just draw up 0.5 at a time but they said we can't re-access the vial even if clean w/ alcohol pad. I drew up the whole 2ml and when trying to push in 0.5ml accidentally gave almost 1.5! so pt got 75mcg instead of 25mcg. Pt was fine and ended up getting another 25mcg anyway, but I still let the manager know. He was very nice about it, and said it's OK to draw up 0.5 at a time and re-access the vial. He said just don't do it again but don't freak out or beat yourself up. I am so embarrassed to mess up on week 3, but glad pt is OK. What do you think of this protocol and how bad should I be feeling? I usually blow things out of proportion so need perspective!
  3. I know it makes me sound slow and dumb but oh well. If a med reads give 150mg that equals 0.15ml correct? How is this drawn up on a 3ml syringe? If the bevel is at 1 1/2 wouldn’t that be 1.5ml and not 0.15ml? Thanks