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  1. Multiple doses in same syringe?

    Hi all, I just started working in an outpatient PACU and I already made a mistake =( 7 years as a nurse and the only med error I've ever made was giving 200mg IV thiamine instead of 100mg. I'm used to drawing up only the amount of a med I'm giving an...
  2. I know it makes me sound slow and dumb but oh well. If a med reads give 150mg that equals 0.15ml correct? How is this drawn up on a 3ml syringe? If the bevel is at 1 1/2 wouldn’t that be 1.5ml and not 0.15ml? Thanks
  3. Syringe Disaster

    Hi all, I am having a mental health crisis and had to take a few weeks off work to stabilize, and feel I'm not able to accurately evaluate the seriousness of situations in my current state. I changed jobs 9 months ago and had trouble finding a psychi...
  4. When giving SQ heparin injections, what type of syringe do you guys use? The reason I'm asking is because for the last 13 years I've given these inj. with insulin syringes. I've recently switched units (from ortho/oncology/pain mgmt rehab to head inj...

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