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9kidsmomRN has 30 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. 9kidsmomRN

    Unfair Grading

    I think I get your point. And keep this instructor as an advocate should things get ugly. As one who was targeted for failure in nursing school (others in my clinical group told me the instructor was asking me questions that she never asked them- bes...
  2. 9kidsmomRN

    Multiple doses in same syringe?

    Vials are considered single use. Most don’t have preservatives so accessing a vial multiple times can result in bacterial contamination. That is what I learned several years ago, and it made me change my practice of reusing vials….though I hate the w...
  3. 9kidsmomRN

    Explaining Absence During Colleague's Vacation

    Good self assessment. Since you know (knew) about the patient problem before your coworker leaves, ASK HER TO HELP YOU LEARN THIS, or research it yourself. Find out what questions they have and get back to them. What would you do if YOUR patient had...
  4. 9kidsmomRN

    Was I in the Right Here?

    I think it was passive aggressive to chart first only increasing his acting out. I agree that I would not have responded at 10, but right at 1030 I would have taken his meds and from the door stated that this behavior is not acceptable leading me to ...
  5. 9kidsmomRN

    Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No

    Me too
  6. 9kidsmomRN

    Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No

    Exactly! This is why insurance is a must. Our nurses have begged for our legal department to help educate us for years as to what needs documentation and what does not. We have a huge double standard of chart by exception/ not charted is not done. I ...
  7. 9kidsmomRN

    Pulling Meds For Another Nurse To Pass

    In my CICU I do pull meds for other nurses if they are with a crashing or an isolation patient. But if I pull a controlled substance, I double check with them ( and the chart) that it was scanned and that the narcotic discrepancy report is reconciled...
  8. 9kidsmomRN

    New Grad Fired From First RN Job After 90 Days

    Read the offer very carefully. Employees spend a lot of money on training new hires. For an ICU it is at least $60000. If you add a residency program and additional time needed for a new grad it can easily be $90,000. An employer couldn’t possibly ex...
  9. 9kidsmomRN

    Delta Variant as Contagious as Chicken Pox

    CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated PUBLISHED FRI, JUL 30 20212:34 PM EDTUPDATED FRI, JUL 30 20218:27 PM EDT CNBC also reported on the Massachusetts out break above. I think we need t...
  10. 9kidsmomRN

    How many jobs have you had in your career?

    I agree with this point. If employers aren’t willing to reward loyalty with pensions/bonuses/wages why would anyone want to stay. So many toxic environments in Healthcare. I stay b/c my schedule is quite flexible so that I have been able to coach gym...
  11. 9kidsmomRN

    How many jobs have you had in your career?

    New grad into a small community hospital in med/peds/onc for 4 years then their ICU for 6 years- last day was my 10 year anniversary. (Last year there I was also working agency in nearby big city hospital. Moved 4 hours away (stayed occasional for ab...
  12. 9kidsmomRN

    Sign On Bonuses, Tuition Assistance, Hospital Benefits

    We had a $25,000 sign on bonus had to stay 2 years to get it all. I think 20 people signed on (capped at 20 hires?) Funny how that program popped up again 2 yes later when almost all of those 20 people left… hmmm no bonuses for staff nurses in m...
  13. From personal experience, don’t go to non-accredited schools. I have 2 years that, though I learned a lot, got me nothing towards a degree!
  14. 9kidsmomRN

    Second Thoughts on Becoming a Nurse

    Please if you consider this, get some bedside experience first!! Few things are worse than an IT person not understanding the work flow yet trying to tell you how to chart what you did!
  15. 9kidsmomRN

    Second Thoughts on Becoming a Nurse

    Agree wholeheartedly with nightnerd. Amazingly dental hygienists make as much or more than starting nurses in my area, and you can do contract work for different dental offices and make even more, from what I hear. I would have to say that I woul...