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I was wondering if anyone applied for the MSN FNP program for Chamberlain, Spring 2016. Let me know thanks!


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Please don't waste your time with Chamberlain; the clinical portion of the program is a complete joke. I actually didn't mind the first year in the program; it was fairly easy and went rather quick. The clinical situation is a whole different story. In the program you must apply for clinicals several months (180 days) before you start your first practicum course. My idiot clinical advisor didn't even attempt to make a contact with my site to form a contract-- I had to make all of my contacts myself!! My advisor is basically being paid for nothing. Not only that, I'm currently registered and can't start my clinicals until I get a level 2 background check. The school will not help me at all. I've called my advisor and the dean, but no-one is able to help me. This means I will have to drop my current clinical course and defer until I can get a new preceptor and site! In other words, I may not be able to start clinicals until January. I am completely ticked off. I left my full-time job and went prn at work for clinicals-- now I may not be able to start until January. I'm thinking about withdrawing and transferring to a brick and mortar-- which I should have done in the first place. Apply if you want, but I'm just giving you a heads up.


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I am sorry you had such a bad experience with Chamberlain. There has definitely been talks about the subpar practicum coordinators. Fortunately I have not had this issue, but I have had several classmates that have


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I've applied to start in January of 2016 but have not had any contact with anyone since applying.


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I also applied for Jan 2016. I did call them because I didn't hear anything after I applied unlike other schools they called the next day. Also they record everything you say that makes me nervous like they have something to hide.


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That is strange. I'll have to give them a call


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I applied to for January 2016, or I guess in the "process" of applying. The recruiter I spoke with told me that I needed to arrange my practicum as part of my application. Is this really the case? I realize that we will be the ones finding preceptors, however this seems odd to me to do it this early.... two years out, and that it would also delay my application. Anyone have any information or input?? I am incredibly nervous now!


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Hi! I am starting Chamberlain Jan 2016!! Have you heard good things about the program?


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Hey Mizz09 are you from Columbia,MO I used to live there just wondering.


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Hey athomas2244 I'm starting FNP through chamberlain and would love your insight on classes to double etc. I am a 5 year ICU RN in ks. You can PM me! Thanks!


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I am hoping to be accepted July 2016. Unfortunately I have limited options due to low GPA. My only other choice would be to do a fnp and then do a advance certificate. That would make it 5 years to get FNP. My Union will only pay for the first masters and the certificate would be out of pocket. The clinical site is cause for concern. Since I am from New York and all my professional network is in New York. I plan to move to New Jersey where I don't know any family practices. How much support do they give you to find clinical sites?