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  1. JWEMT

    Helene Fuld CLEP

    Has to be before. What is the purpose of Cleo to you?
  2. JWEMT

    Student Nurse take on ED rotation

    I've never been a CNA but I know it's back breaking work.
  3. JWEMT

    Student Nurse take on ED rotation

    I think ED nursing is far from "solid broad knowledge". I've never been an ED nurse but pretty much every body that comes in Cardiac = do this Pulmonary = do that Neuro = something else it's very protocol driven so the knowledge is probably not as broad as you may think. But yes you will have great experiences in the ED.
  4. JWEMT

    Explaining Low GPA

    I agree, this is not an issue of getting into nursing school. This is about not getting into the perfect nursing school.
  5. JWEMT

    University of Phoenix

    i enjoyed my phoenix education
  6. JWEMT

    Tips in Applying in Mount Sinai, NYC

    You really shouldn't look towards only one hospital. I'm certified in 2 specialties and have 2 years experience and I can't get them to respond to a resume of mine.
  7. JWEMT

    Paramedic discrimination?

    Maybe they had BSN?
  8. JWEMT

    2.5 GPA and Desire to go for FNP

    I had a 2.53 gpa and I went to University of Phoenix MSNed program. I took 4 classes and transfered to a local AGNP program.
  9. JWEMT

    CUNY College of Staten Island question?

    I had 99 percentile but I took it in 2007, there was no science.
  10. JWEMT

    LOW GPA 2.67, any hope for graduate school?

    I got into university of phoenix 2.43 gpa. MSNed and then transfer to NP program
  11. I got in with a 2.45, but it was a struggle to get in.
  12. I make 87k as a ADN and the job paid for my BSN. So to me a ABSN is definitely not worth it.
  13. AGNP acceptance with 2.6 gpa and 3.75 4 masters classes
  14. I carried both LPN and RN at the same time in New York but then I didn't renew my LPN. No point but maybe it's state dependent?
  15. JWEMT

    Rn night school N.Y. ?

    There basically like 3-4 RN programs in Long Island and you want it to cater to night shift students ..... good luck. I vote for Helene fuld btw