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  1. Anybody applying to this program I was told only 8-12 spots per year.
  2. JWEMT

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    This is either assisted living or a really bad facility
  3. JWEMT

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    Good samaritan laws don't apply to you because you are not a bystander. You are a employee and a bad one at that cannot follow orders(insubordination). So no you would not be protected. You don't have the rights to make a decision atleast in a hospital setting. And you just don't learn..... Btw I make my own decisions with collaboration with the doctor. You don't make decisions because professionally speaking you're a nobody. You should learn to do your job correctly as it pertains to adls not medicine. I feel you are just too arrogant to admit fault and you are not taking any thought to our advice. If you are looking for people agree with you this is not the place because you are 100% wrong especially stepping on our fellow nurses license. You don't even have a license yet and you are trying to mess with others already.
  4. JWEMT

    how did they pass theyre boards??

    If I was the nurse I wouldn't just get mad at you I would make sure you never work under my license again. You practiced medicine with the amount of knowledge you know being a student. Totally unsafe. The nurses duty is patient first your duty is to listen to what you reassigned and report chAnges in condition. If you report to the nurse you don't tell them the client needs a breathing tx you Just tell them the client has difficulty breathing. My advice Be humble, know your scope and place. You might turn into one of those nurses that nitpicks and finds faults with everyone's work and then gossip about it looking for approval from other nurses. That's bad team work. My experience Being a PA student and former emt. I thought I was so special and knowledgeable when I first started working. There's a fine line between being confident and being cocky. I would challenge everything and thought I knew better than all the other nurses. What I know is textbook medicine and the real world is so different. These nurses know what they are doing. Listen and learn from them. When you do.things like this it shows that you only want to learn what you know and not learn what the other nurses have to offer. Don't feel so proud of what you have done because it was illgegal. What if he had not gotten better or does have a order for the tx. What if he had died as a result of your tx. Even if the nurse was wrong its her license not yours. Put yourself in her shoes would you like a unlicensed person providing tx for your patients after you said no? You said you wanted to be a good nurse. A good nurse is not only about the patient its about the whole team. You have lost your nurses trust
  5. JWEMT

    HH LPN Medicaid Regulations

    So I was wondering...... I am a LPn and I was just hired at a HHAgency under the impression of "Just visit, fill out this form, and get paid" Which I believe they were actually having me do supervisory visits of the home health aides. I've been reading around the federal laws and i don't think this is ok for a LPN to do...... Any legal implications for me? or would it just be the agency failing an audit? Also they want me to do inservice which i believe is suppose to be done by an experienced RN also. Any Advice? I do need the extra money though.....
  6. JWEMT

    HHC City Hospital hiring process

    In my facility we have mostly agency.
  7. I wish i could go but i have to work. I like going just for free stuff and to network but the last one i went to was hiring new grads but you have to have special skills such as speak chinese or spanish
  8. JWEMT

    starting salary for LPN's in NYC?

  9. JWEMT

    Starting salary at Bellevue Hospital?

    65000 and 8 percent evening differential and 10 percent for nights
  10. JWEMT

    8 months and still searching...New grad RN

    Did you try kings county hsopital my friend just got a job there. adn
  11. JWEMT

    HHC City Hospital hiring process

    Hiring freeze but I was just hired as a new grad at a HHC ltc facility because of language skills i possess. They prefered new grads here it seems to me.. Im a lpn so maybe it's different but i haven't seen any new RN here still using agency nurses.
  12. JWEMT

    Any Excelsior grads working in NYC hospitals?

    HHC is on a hiring freeze so you must have some skill or exp that they really want.
  13. not enough nurse educators
  14. JWEMT

    New grad LPN in NYC

    I have spent many hours going over the board and I see that LPNs are having problem finding jobs, I wanted to share my experience so atleast everyone knows there is hope. I received my ATT in August and 2 days later I took the nclex-pn. I found out I passed 3 days later. Then I received my license 7 days later. I applied for a position at a city facility the day after and got a call back in 3 days to come in for a interview the same day and was offered the lpn position. So next week I will be starting my first job as a LPN. I graduated in June from a practical nursing school in NY and obtained my CNA as a graduate practical nurse. I walked around and applied to more than 25 nursing home, even ones in New Jersey and Penn. I never even thought about obtaining a permit because i viewed it impossible at this time. So I waited to get my LPN license but at the same time I felt even with that the market would be hard because CNA seem like a job with more openings and i didn't get one offer. (even now I have not gotten one single call back for CNA position) So good luck my fellow new nurses.
  15. JWEMT

    Mid manhattan/brooklyn adult lpn

    You should wait until atleast april because you prob won't really understand the question unless your brooklyn school in which they will let you know. But after each class is over you can do that section so you will prob do fundamentals first