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  1. New Grad Salary in NYC

    I can tell you for 2K a year union dues you get pension, full health insurance, 13 days off (4 weeks), 8 holidays, 3 conference days. For comparison NYU has 4.5 weeks vacation im not sure about holidays and personal days, their top tier ...
  2. New Grad Salary in NYC

    That doesn't seem to competitive anymore. Maimonides Med starts at 99k with 2k BSN differential. 6K night shift differential.
  3. NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    New grad. Hospital medicine. 127k starting 5 weeks vacation, 8 holiday, 2 weeks cme 2500$, sick days, 1 week conference. Full medical benefits, pension. 3% annual raise. Work 3 days a week.
  4. Low BScN GPA, getting into NP

    I had 2.6 BSN, went to university of Phoenix for master of nursing in nursing admin. After 4 classes of As I was admitted to CUNY CSI. Did you try to do Hunter or something? There’s not many online NP programs in ny
  5. NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    NYC brooklyn hospitalist 127k starting 13 shift a month 3 CME day $1000 15 vacation day 6 sick days 8 holidays Full health benefits Pension 33% for every 20 years NYC Vascular 65/hr W2 no bene...
  6. Drexel AGACNP- Fall 2020

    Also just accepted
  7. Drexel AGACNP- Fall 2020

    Hoping to get accepted for fall. Applied June 31. Hope to join you guys. Also nervous about clinical placement.
  8. Nurse Practitioner GPA Requirements

    College of staten island
  9. Nurse Practitioner GPA Requirements

    2.4 1 year nursing experience NP
  10. Helene Fuld College Attendance

    I know some people who went directly lpn to rn without stopping. It's not exactly a year. I did lpn first never regretted it.
  11. NY 53
  12. Nurse Practitioner GPA Requirements

    2.4 GPA I got into my program
  13. Helene Fuld CLEP

    Has to be before. What is the purpose of Cleo to you?
  14. Student Nurse take on ED rotation

    I've never been a CNA but I know it's back breaking work.
  15. Student Nurse take on ED rotation

    I think ED nursing is far from "solid broad knowledge". I've never been an ED nurse but pretty much every body that comes in Cardiac = do this Pulmonary = do that Neuro = something else it's very protocol driven so the knowledge is probably not as ...