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JWEMT has 2 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. JWEMT

    Nurse practitioner GPA requirements

    2.4 1 year nursing experience NP
  2. JWEMT

    Working at Saint Barnabas

    The campus looks great. Nurses always looked happy for what it's worth. Took patients there as a EMT. Would love to know salary offering there.
  3. JWEMT

    Universal Training Institute in Perth Amboy, NJ

    Just wanted to say I heard great things about Lincoln tech went to LPN to RN school with someone from there. I visited UTI in 2009 and really wanted to attend there. Could not afford it since at the time there was no funding available the school was really new. Their nclex pass rate looks pretty good.
  4. Just seeing if anyone else here. I think there's like 20 students so ......
  5. JWEMT

    Considering Moving to NY..

    With ADN you'll be looking at nursing homes or clinics. You can make 70 low end. I made 87k night shift nursing home 1199. I live in Staten Island. Have a stay at home wife and children. I fair okay I would say.
  6. JWEMT

    City Job or Private?

    Well private Hospital makes about 10k more as a base. That's an extra 350k over 35 years even if you ignore raises and interest. 1199 has healthcare benefits if you retire at 60 with 20 years. Tuition reimbursement is better. But seniority is hard to get. City hospitals have high turnover which allows you to get seniority faster. 1199 has pension. Better health benefits than the city imo.
  7. JWEMT

    RN to...Paramedic?

    Paramedic is another year full time schooling. Pay is lower. Yes some days I wish I was back on the bus, but it's not worth it.
  8. JWEMT

    PearsonVue Nclex results on hold. Help

    Congrats. I know my results were held because I went to the bathroom 3 times and completed the test in 18 minutes. It wasn't a nice feeling at all.
  9. JWEMT

    CMSRN or CCRN? Both?

    I don't know if I would consider them equivalent but you should definitely do the certification appropriate to your unit. If you are a Med surg nurse and you get your CCRN although you may learn the critical acute diagnosis and treatment it doesn't help as the patient will be transferred to critical care if necessary. On the other hand med surg certification will pertain to your practice. I'm not sure ICU is considered med/surg either. I know I am unable to function well on a medsurg floor as a ICU nurse.
  10. JWEMT

    High Insulin Dosages

    Personally I can use lantus 80 units and novolog 60-90 units a day on myself with on issues.
  11. I did LPN to ADN to BSN. I like the fact that I got to experience it at all levels. LPNs are not being phased out in general only in the med-surg setting. IF you are an ADN grad RN in NY you will work in a nursing home if you want bedside nursing. So being a LPN is almost the same. The facility will likely pay for ADN and BSN reimbursement.
  12. JWEMT

    NYC Hospital Salaries

    Hospital: NYP Methodist Experience Pay: 1093 per year up to 32 years Certification Pay: 4000 Education Pay: 1750 BSN 1950 MSN Evening/Night Differential: 7000 Annual: 82,673
  13. JWEMT

    Patient exposure

    This is really specific for the New York board no? Anyway since the NS is running with pressure towards the patient you should be okay imo.
  14. JWEMT

    New York Eye and Ear infirmary

    No I left a while back, never worked as a RN there but their job doesn't look terribly horrible.
  15. JWEMT

    Associate degree new grad working in nursing home

    Been there done that. 1.5 year nursing home and then went to hospital. Finished up BSN while working at nursing home. Had some coworkers that were new grads in my orientation.
  16. JWEMT

    RN in ILLINOIS, looking for a job in NYC

    You can definitely start applying but unless you have experience in a specialty it's pretty difficult to get a job.

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