MRI machine traps nurse in freak accident

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Safety concerns are being raised about a medical center in California after a nurse was recently pinned between an MRI machine and a bed during a freak accident, an investigation by KTVU uncovered.

"I was getting pushed by the bed," Cervantes told investigators in a report conducted by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA). "Basically, I was running backwards. If I didn't run, the bed would smash me underneath." 


MRI machine traps nurse in freak accident

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That is wild. I wouldn't call it a "freak accident," I would call it "exactly what you'd expect to happen when you let a giant metal bed get too close to an MRI machine."  There were so many blatant MRI safety violations. I hope Kaiser gets slapped with some huge fines and that nurse gets a big payout, that seems like gross negligence toward both patients and staff. She's lucky it didn't kill her.

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What happened to SAFETY FIRST Kaiser???

I'd had a few MRI's. No one's allowed in the room without MRI staff present.




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Calling the supervisor before hitting the emergency shut off was just unbelievable.

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Kaiser... ugh 🙄

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I think they meant "stupidity" instead of "freak accident" 🤣

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