Moving your NCELX date


Just want some opinions on this...

Many of my friends who are taking Kaplan are contemplating taking their NCLEX later than they originally had planned.

I chose not to take Kaplan and I don't feel the need to move my date.

I guess what I'm looking for are opinions on this, did you know a lot of people who rescheduled their test? Part of me feels like I don't have that urge to reschedule because I didn't take Kaplan.

Any thoughts on this?


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I rescheduled by moving mine UP!

I was originally supposed to test today...instead I tested on 1/4...and passed


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There is data from NCSBN that basically says, "The sooner, the better." Pass rates are lower for candidates who end up delaying the exam.


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A few RN's I know have all told me stories of people who kept postponing their NCLEX and ended up failing.

Just schedule, study and take the exam--you will never be 100% ready IMHO! :)


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I agree! I'm not moving my date!

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