10 mos. LPN to RN prgm. Avail in McDonough, GA

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I came across a school called AMTinstitute online. Which says they have a 10 month program for the bridge program. 6 months of classes and 4 months of clinical. Does anyone know anything about them? Or of anyone who has graduated? I can't find anything on the Internet about them, other than their website. They say they are accredited through Florida and that whom boards you'd sit for. It sounds good, but not a lot of info. They said they have been in business for 10 years. I searched for their accreditation on the GA and FL and couldn't find them.

They're located in McDonough, GA and offer the LPN to RN. I checked GA and FL boards of nursing. I also checked the national boards of nursing, ACEN and CCNE and couldn't find them listed as an accredited school.

If you can't find them then chances are they aren't accredited. It should be a warning sign that you can't find out anything about them online.

Hey I found that school also. They start March 28. I went out there and met the Director. I have funny feelings about this too.

Visited this so called school last week, I dont think they are legit. Director says they are a satelite school out of florida but I dont buy. He also said the program is for lpns only and the school credits you the required prereqs because of your nursing history (lpn license). You also have to take the boards in florida and the program is 25,000, no in-house funding, meaning financial aid or loans. I smell a rip off, quick set up shop type of thing.

I heard its a scam...

Does anyone else have any information on amt institute

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Their website makes me suspicious. I would think I could make a more professional website than that in under an hour using outdated coding skills. Not to mention there are so many templates out there. The Florida Board of Nursing website's list of Nursing programs is down.

Get more info | A.M.T. INSTITUTE, INC.

Through searching the phone number, some of the ads advertise a gmail account as a means to contact.

@Hadley8 How did you here that it was a scam ...

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hmmmm, I would check out GA BON and see if they are accredited, they could be a 'private' school, wondering if they are NLN accredited?

If you don't mind me asking what is GA BON and if they are a private school what type of accreditation should they have and what is NLN accredited.

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Georgia Board of Nursing. The school isn't listed on the Florida Board of Nursing.

All schools need to be accredited by a state in order to be eligible to sit for NCLEX. Since they are kind of being vague and telling you that they are with Florida's Board of Nursing, I would email the board of nursing about it. You don't need the NLNAC/ACEN accreditation but you do need at least a board of nursing. It is helpful if you want to get a BSN or a masters education as some schools will not accept associate or diploma graduates unless they graduated from a NLNAC/ACEN school.

If anyone is still in contact with them, inform them that they are not on the Florida Board of Nursing website and see what they say. If they are still saying that they are accredited, I would email the board in Florida before applying. Like Excelsioris an online school but it is accredited in New York. If you search on the New York Board of Nursing, it's listed as Excelsior College. If the school tells you another name, I would contact that school and ask if the information is correct. It just sounds like a scam as the website is barely built and they're using GMAIL accounts in some of their ads.

Not to mention that the president's message is ripped right off of another site that looks far more professional.



And the AMT Institute's website is really a blog set up to look like a website. No offense, but that screams scam.

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