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  1. drkncurly1

    Darton College Fundamentals

    My advice would be to read ahead, that way you know what areas and content you are not familiar with or find difficult. That may help give you time to go over it in depth and ask questions before hand. Also do lots of practice questions because your test are nclex style, you should buy an nclex book now and start doing at least 10-20 practice questions a day.
  2. drkncurly1

    lpn transfer credit/ Bauder college

    I went to a information session and was told they accept all prereqs classes like english and math but do not accept any nursing classes. HTH.
  3. drkncurly1

    Darton Fall 2014

    Just wanted to know if there are any students applying for the bridge program that starts this in October in Sandersville. It would be great to get to know some students before classes begin.
  4. drkncurly1

    The Day Nursing Student Apathy Got to Me

    I wish I had an instructor that wanted to actually show me how to be hands on and not just watch.
  5. drkncurly1

    And Just Like That...

    Congrats, I plan to go straight back also.
  6. I am in the process of applying to Bauder, heard good and bad things about the school. I would love to talk with anyone who is currently in the program or graduated recently. I have applied there and to another school and need some advice.
  7. drkncurly1

    I Hate LT: How I Want to Fix It

    This sounds like my day to day job, I'm currently in school for my RN.
  8. drkncurly1

    Starting FCCA

    Congrats, on making it so far! I have 5 more test before I can schedule for fcc but my advice is to study hard and have confidence in yourself. You have made it this far.
  9. drkncurly1

    question about timeframes

    I agree with natnat, it all depends on you. How often you study and when you feel ready to take the test. I just started studying for health safety and I plan to test at the end of the month. I hope to test every month to two months, depending on much I study. Excelsior says to study just as you would at a traditional college, for me thats 2 hrs a day. When you finish will depend on you also. Everyone I talk says it takes them a year and a half. Hope this helps.
  10. drkncurly1

    Looking for study buddies

    Hi everyone, I just started the Excelsior program beginning with health safety. I live in Atlanta and I am hoping to meet some people to study and share notes with. It can also so be an online study group.
  11. drkncurly1


    Those are good grades for practice exams, I personaly would study another week and test.
  12. drkncurly1

    Last Exam

    Congratulations, I just enrolled in Excelsior and I am preparing for the health safety exam.