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Is anyone familiar with the nursing program at Moorpark College? I am taking Micro. in the Spring and then going to apply in the Fall of 08.

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I've heard that Ventura College's RN program is less competitive than Moorpark College regarding the admissions policies.


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One friend graduated May '07, another friend is starting any day. Their program has a fine reputation.


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i have heard too that moorpark's rn program is good. channel islands now offers a bsn, not sure if i want to go that route. maybe if i was younger.


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I just graduated from Moorparks program and it is an amazing program. We had 3 students join us in semester 2 who left Ventura for various reasons. I cant speak personally about Ventura because I never went there, I do know that they provide more opportunities for your preceptorship in specialty areas, but as far as how they run their program I have no clue.

I can however speak for Moorpark. I was very involved in their student nurses association and did a lot with students, staff, and instructors. Moorpark has a very high passing rate for the state boards, and they do a great job of preparing you. Maybe get in touch with a counselor at Ventura and see if their pass rate is similar. After 2 years in the program, I miss it already and I just graduated 2 weeks ago! If you have any specific questions, PM me and I will try to answer them.

Best of luck!


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Congratulations on graduating and thank you for your information. I will PM you.



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I was curious if you ended up applying in the spring of 08? I applied and I am STILL waiting and was curious to your # and if you were in?



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Ive been on wait list for Moorpark 2 years!!! Got into VCC after applying in March 09 will begin Jan.2010


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Ventura has a consistently higher NCLEX pass rate then Moorpark. But i have heard better things about Moorparks program. i am hoping to do the LVN to RN bridge and jump in to the program this jan in second semester. But am still shoping around, any advice for anyone would be great!


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I live closer to Moorpark College than to Ventura College, but I opted to attend Ventura College rather than Moorpark College. I've completed my pre-reqs and applied last week to the advanced placement RN program. I got a call two days later to schedule my TEAS, which I'll be taking one week from today (yikes!). To be fair, I've heard very good things about the RN program at both schools, and am sure that an excellent education could be obtained at either school.

When I spoke with my counselor last week, she told me that there is a one to two semester wait at Ventura College, and that a grant has been received from the state to make room for 12 LVNs in the advanced placement program. She was very vague about any details concerning numbers of applicants, etc, but I'm hoping that the fact that I was called so quickly to take the TEAS is a good sign.

Sweating bullets about taking the test, however.

I was wondering how your program was going? I saw your message and wanted to ask you. I live in Santa Barbara, and since SBCC has a two year wait I want to go to Ventura to do the ADN program. Can you tell me how easy or hard it is? Any tips would be great.



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