6 months before starting school - How to prepare?


Hey boys ;

I'm starting NP school in September at MGH (Boston). Does anyone have advice on what to do to prepare for the next six months? Books to read, stuff to get, things to do? I've not had much luck at getting CNA training in time to be useful, but I volunteer in the ED at the Brigham and Women's hospital for some exposure.

Thanks guys - any advice you might have would be awesome.


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Enjoy your free time :beercuphe


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I agree, Just take a break.

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Depending on how long ago you took them, review your anatomy and physiology. There are coloring books for both subjects that you can use to review.

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Save money, dump your gf, go live cause life is over once you get to school.

Ok not really but just relax, unwind and be ready for some fun times in school.


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basically what other's have said, don't worry about school until it starts and even then schedule free/fun time.

take it easy man.


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NP school or RN?


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Save money, dump your gf, go live cause life is over once you get to school.

That is hiliarious!! Secretly theres truth to that! :)


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It sounds like you're pretty well prepared as is, since you have some medical experience. That will help, especially during the 1st semester or so.

If you're so inclined, casually go over A&P or medical terminology, or even look at articles or posts on this site. But, you don't really need to go all out to prepare, maybe just refresh yourself. Remember, you're going to be in class w/ people w/o any medical experience, so you've got a leg up.

Also, it's true. You won't have much life once nursing school kicks off.

Good luck!


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Are you a direct entry student to the MGH program? I'm looking into direct entry programs and MGH in Boston was at the top of my list. I'm finishing up my undergrad right now, but I'll be taking my pre-reqs soon.

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