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    I am thinking of relocating from Minnesota to Kalispell. Does anyone have any information (good or bad) on Kalispell and Kalispell Regional Medical Center? What is the hospital like, is it newer or older, are the people in the city friendly, what is it like to live there, etc? I would appreciate any information! Thanks.
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  3. by   libbyjeanne
    I work with some nurses that use to work at Kalispell Regional. From what I have heard, the pay is poor and they do not treat their employees well.

    Kalispell is beautiful, though.
  4. by   whtepketfences
    Kalispell Regional has mostly newer parts to the hospital - people are mostly pretty friendly - it is definately a small town - you see your patients at the grocery store and Wal-mart. The pay is competative with the rest of Montana - the whole state doesn't pay too well. I think for the most part the nurses that still work there are pretty happy - you really have to wonder about the crediblity of someone "who used to work there" - weather is much like Minnesota, but not as extreme, less mosquitos and unfortunately seems like less sun too. Scenery is phenominal though!
  5. by   lumberjack
    From what I've seen at KRMC folks are mostly fairly happy, in terms of labor and managment, though as someone else said, nurse pay in MT is on the low side, no more at kalispell than elsewhere. The hospital has it's newer and older areas, but things are being upgraded all the time (as I imagine it is the same all over). Definatly more laid back than some west coast and big city places I've seen, friendly people (if a little suspicious at times of foreigners from kalifornia or out east). Nice place to be, as long as you like doing things outdoors. Everybody here hunts or fishes or picks huckleberries or hikes/bikes/rafts/climbs/etc. And everyone skis.
  6. by   lindarn
    I applied to KRMC about a year ago. They offered my $30 and hour, which I thought was pretty respectable for Montana. There are places in Big City Spokane, who don't pay that much!

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  7. by   WildernessMed
    Has anyone been accepted to their New Grad RN Program or know anything about it? I am planning on interviewing there, as they offer ICU, IMC, Med/Surg. If anyone knows anything about KRMCs ICU I love to hear about it.... and rate of pay for a new grad w/no experience
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  8. by   lindarn
    Kalispell Regional Medical Center, is hiring big time right now. They had a big ad in the Spokesman Review today in the paper.

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