Current RN pay scale?


Hi guys I am considering relocating to MT. I have 3 years RN experience, can you tell me what current rate of pay is like?

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I would also like to know.



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Can't comment as I have no clue...but saw your name and am assuming you are from AZ?!?! I am currently in AZ hoping to move to Montana once I have completed nursing school :)

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If you go to the Montana Nurses' Association website, you can read the various contracts with different facilities to get an idea of pay ranges.


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Pay rates seem to be lower here than in many other states, I am fortunate in that I have years of dialysis experience so I make a bit more. However, before you move here, please check out the area you want to live in and the cost of living. Some things are way cheaper and some are more expensive so factor that into what you are expecting to receive as pay. Montana is awesome to live in - I can grab my horse and trailer for 10 minutes to ride for hours. You really do get awesome outdoor experiences in this state! I truly love that it has 4 real seasons ( maybe not so much when it is really cold like now!!!) and that I can find recreation close to home. Good luck in finding what you are looking for in this wonderful state!