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Pay in Montana

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Just_Kidney has 5 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Nephrology.

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Hello! I am a nurse in Washington State and my wife and I are planning to move to Montana next Spring. I am curious what I can expect in terms of pay for that area, since I'm sure its lower than where I am now. I am a BSN RN with 5+ years of nursing experience, the last one as a clinical nurse manager for a dialysis clinic. I would be looking for dialysis RN jobs, case management positions or just general med-surg hospital jobs, probably in the Missoula area. I am trying to put together a budget in terms of what we can afford for rent etc. but its hard without knowing what I might be making. I make $40 an hour now and am hoping for a job in the $32-35 an hour range. Is that unrealistic for Montana? Anyone willing to share what they make or what they think I could expect? Thank you so much!

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