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Just_Kidney has 4 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Nephrology.

I work at as a clinical nurse manager in outpatient hemodialysis. She/her pronouns. 

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    This is old...what did you decide? I’m interested in maybe doing this myself.
  2. Just_Kidney

    Advice for Promotion

    Thank you very much, that's helpful. Those are things I will address in my cover letter and prepare for if/when I have an interview as well. Thanks for your input.
  3. Just_Kidney

    Advice for Promotion

    Thank you!
  4. Just_Kidney

    Advice for Promotion

    I have been working as a floor nurse at a SNF for two years. A position just opened up for a Resident Care Manager and Ive decided to apply. I informally asked about the position yesterday and was told that there are a few other people (they wouldn't say who) who are interested and who have management experience (I do not but I do have a BSN which almost no one at my facility does). I am well-liked and known as a hard worker here so I think have a good shot. On Monday I will find out the actual application process but I suspect it will be a matter of simply letting them know I am interested and possibly an interview since they're only hiring internally at this time. However, i want to make a good, professional impression even though they already know me. I plan to write a cover letter as for any job and give it to the DON with a copy of my resume on Monday when I let her know I'm interested in the position. Do you have any other advice for ways to improve my chances (besides doing an extra good job at work over the next few weeks?) Thanks!
  5. Just_Kidney

    Fitbit friends

    I didn't think of that. Thanks!
  6. Just_Kidney

    Fitbit friends

    Hi all! I'm a new grad RN working in a SNF. I just got a FitBit but I only have a couple friends with one! I want some people (who aren't too hardcore about it) to challenge me to "step" up my game a little! Who wants to be FitBit friends?
  7. Just_Kidney

    Combative dementia patient

    I'm a new grad working in a SNF. I have a resident on my hall with late stage Lewy body dementia who needs 1:1 care but due to understaffing, can't get it. I keep an eye on him as best I can but I also have 13 other patients. His biggest issue is constantly trying to walk without assistance and he's a fall risk. We don't do restraints of any kind at my facility including chair alarms. The second issue is he is 250 pounds of muscle. He's the strongest 80 year old I've ever met. I've worked with dementia patients for years as a CNA and my calm, patient attitude usually deescalates confused patients relatively well but this man is extremely combative even with me and is absolutely going to injure a staff member sooner or later. He throws punches right and left, will grab your hand and twist it sharply before you can react. We do the best we can but we have to help him with ADLs, he can't sit in a dirty brief all day no matter how violent he is. I bring him up to my DON daily but they can't find him placement anywhere else and I think they are genuinely trying. He needs to be in geropsych but those beds are hard to come by. I was just wondering if anyone has suggestions for me because I'm running out of ideas and I'm afraid he's going to hurt someone or we're going to hurt him trying to hold his wrists to keep him from hitting us I'm genuinely sympathetic to his situation but I'm running out of ideas. Thanks.
  8. I saw this at my work the other day.
  9. Just_Kidney

    Does this violate hipaa?

    I would get another reply on this before you act, but my understanding is no, it doesn't violate HIPAA because HIPAA doesn't govern family members sharing information about their family members' medical care, only medical professionals sharing information with people who don't need to know. So unless you were their nurse, I don't think you are bound by HIPAA in their case, only in the case of your patient. Now if you use your power at this facility once you get a job to look up further information about their cases then that would be a violation.
  10. I just passed my NCLEX and I have a new job as an RN in long-term care. My long-term goals are to move from the LTC side of my new facility to the skilled nursing side, and once I feel comfortable with the skills required of me there, hopefully find a new job in telemetry in a hospital. Then eventually I want to work in ICU and become a CCRN. I may be jumping the gun here, but I'd like to start adding to my skills over the next couple of years to make me a good candidate for a tele job when the time comes. I'm going on for my BSN in the fall but I'm wondering what else I can/should do? Obviously a lot of advanced certifications require experience in a particular field which I don't have, but are there any that would be appropriate for me to pursue in the next year or so? ACLS maybe? I know there may be others, but I don't know what they are and would love some advice from some more seasoned nurses (or new grads with a better understanding of this!). And if I'm getting ahead of myself, let me know. I tend to do that sometimes! Thank you!
  11. I passed! My license went live on the state Department of Health website about 2 hours ago!
  12. I just finished mine: 75 questions, one math question, maybe 7-10 SATA, no other alternate format questions. I'm afraid that's a bad thing but overall I feel pretty decent about it. I'm hoping I'm not one of those people who fail in 75 questions, that would suck.
  13. Just_Kidney

    New Grad LTC

    I am a new grad ADN in the greater Seattle area and I just got hired at a combination LTC/SNF. My pay will be $28/hr plus shift differentials. Patient/nurse ratios are 1:15 on the SNF side and 1:18-20 on LTC. Orientation is 2-4 weeks with options to extend that if I feel it's necessary (I'm hoping I won't!). I specifically looked for a facility with low patient/staff ratios (well, low-ish) and a decent orientation length. I haven't started yet, so I don't know how it will be in practice, only in theory. Good luck!
  14. Just_Kidney

    NCLEX & Kaplan

    Thank you!
  15. I'm in Washington State, but on my BON website it has stated pending and had a license number for me since I sent in my original application to the state. I haven't even tested yet. That probably means they haven't gotten any results yet for you. I'm sure you passed, just hang in there!