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  1. whtepketfences

    Time management issues

    When I read your initial post is brougt back memories from more than 20 years ago when I first started. I could feel your stress, but it also brought up fond memories in a masochistic kind of way. You sound like you are on your way to becoming an excellent nurse. Don't lose your spirit just because your a little overwhelmed. Watch and ask for tips in some of the nurses you admire, but don't ever put your patient in danger just to save a little time. And don't ever, ever use the same anything for more than one patietn - YUCK. Please don't give up on hospital nursing just yet - not all hospitals are as disfunctional as yours sounds. Ask for help when you need it and once you have a few years in your nursing shoes you'll be more comfortable, then don't forget to offer help to that frazzled new nurse and encourage her to carry on as well. (and definately hand over the pager as soon as you can get it to the next shift - the have their whole shift left to catch up)
  2. whtepketfences

    Kalispell Regional Medical Center

    Kalispell Regional has mostly newer parts to the hospital - people are mostly pretty friendly - it is definately a small town - you see your patients at the grocery store and Wal-mart. The pay is competative with the rest of Montana - the whole state doesn't pay too well. I think for the most part the nurses that still work there are pretty happy - you really have to wonder about the crediblity of someone "who used to work there" - weather is much like Minnesota, but not as extreme, less mosquitos and unfortunately seems like less sun too. Scenery is phenominal though!
  3. whtepketfences

    Play Dr. House

    What was B/P pre-op - I'd agree with decreased renal perfusion - keep giving the bolus fluids, up the B/P and wait ......
  4. whtepketfences

    Thinking of moving to MN

    Montana has new grad programs - it's not quite as cold, and way less mosquitos!! :grad:
  5. whtepketfences

    New Grad Jobs?

    The hospital in Kalispell has a new grad program - it's pretty tight, but at least a maybe for a new job :grad: