Monday to Friday life... what's it like?

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Hi all, I'm hoping nurses who transitioned from hospital nursing to a Mon-Fri nursing job can share how this experience went... pros and cons? Do you like it? Did you go back to the hospital? I have an opportunity to leave ICU Stepdown for a primary care/public health clinic. I like my unit and it is the best team I have ever worked with, amazing coworkers, teamwork and support. I think I am a bit burned out on acute care, although some days I really enjoy work.

I have bipolar disorder and stress exacerbates the symptoms. I work in a county hospital and deal with a lot of difficult situations, violent behavior, sad cases, addiction, etc. It makes me depressed. But other times I feel I can be there for people in their time of need, support my fellow psych patients, and use critical thinking every day. I also like getting exercise at work! But not when it involves turning 600lb bedbound patients... I do like the hands-on aspect, work with all nice doctors. So many pros!

Are all jobs great some days and hell some days? Or at least all nursing jobs? I am afraid to regret my transfer, especially if I get bored or have to sit at a desk while having a manic day. And if the team in the clinic is toxic I will definitely regret it. Thanks for any advice! Open to feedback from psych nurses who work with bipolar disorder as well ? thanks everyone!


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I love it. I like having a routine. The 3 12's was great at first but after doing it for so long while being understaffed it burned me out and I didn't think it was worth it. I enjoy having my holidays and weekends off.

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At first I was like, "OMG, why am I working 5 days in a row?!" and it was tiring. But I got used to it and I love having so many hours in the day remaining after work is done! It's been almost 4 years since I stopped working 12s and I think my quality of life is so much better. Of course, I miss having more days off, and weekdays off for errands/appointments, etc. But that's OK!

Could you stay PRN in your current unit for a bit, just in case the clinic job isn't for you? And/or shadow in the clinic to get a real feel for the position?

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"Monday comes dawning, the world wakes up yawning
And Friday seems so far away" (from a song by the Statler Brothers)

Once I left the mainstream 9 to 5 dayshift world, I felt like Columbus.

MNs are home and I'm never goin' back. I would however, consider going back to 8 hour shifts. Twelves are taking their toll.


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12s are hard! Luckily I only work 4 8 hr shifts a week, so that would be hard to give up. I would love to stay prn on my unit but I would have to work Mon to Fri at the clinic and then 4 shifts a month in the hospital ?but could try it! I didn’t think of asking to shadow, I will do that. Thanks so much everyone!



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I just left doing M-F to go back to doing three 12's in the hospital setting. I had other offers to work office jobs (no weekends, no holidays), but having 4 days off a week will work better for me to have more time with my family. After doing 5 days a week for so long (and weekends fly by), I'm looking forward to the change. There are pros and cons to just need to find out what works best for you at this time.

Just me.

Just me.

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I left the Hospital setting about a month ago. I only worked part- time, 8 hour days.. I got burned out for various reasons, including the commute.

I am currently working in a primary care/clinic setting and now working Monday thru Friday. I am still adjusting to the schedule and working more hours, and having less free time. Overall, my stress level has dropped tremendously! Getting a lunch break everyday, priceless!

To be honest, it is a very busy practice. The hardest adjustment for me has been a new computer charting system and doing many things with less resources, and things that are not hard, but still need to be learned.

And in my case the pay cut was tremendous, it would depend on your location. The pay adjustment has been worth it for my overall well-being.

As you have your Bachelor's degree, returning to the hospital is an option. Or you could work prn at the hospital to make sure you like the new position?


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Thanks! If I switch to a clinic within the county system where I work I can’t stay at the hospital prn, but it I would outpatient at a different organization I could ?but I would lose my county pension if I go full time somewhere else and switch to prn at county ?

many things to consider. Thanks for all the advice!


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I've done both, I did one 8 hr. job in a clinic for a little over 2 years. It was really 9 hours with an hour (theoretically) for lunch. That was 2006-08. I then went to 12s and was so happy. Party of it was I hated my 8 hr job so I recovered mentally and physically on Saturday and spent Sunday dreading the upcoming week. I love only working 3 days a week. Yeah, you can't really do much on those days other than work and eat and go to bed but it's worth it to have 4 complete days off.

Edit: but I'm also single with no kids so I think your family situation makes a difference.

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