missed 4 days and there's 400 plus threads

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Don't feel like reading through all of them , did i miss anything important since last thursday?


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rofl I was wondering where the HECK you were. hey you know,the usual, threads concerning poor pay, lousy conditions, lots about 9/11 and where were were when it happened, where will be be when we commemorate it....and a VERY interesting thread from VEGASRN about her time in jail......CHECK it out. She is AMAZING! And so were the responses. Lots of goodies in the Open Topic (nonnursing related) area. Oh I almost forgot...MsPurp (delirium) had spread her wings and flown from her relationship....(another amazing person).....jeez I sound gossipy. sorry. Welcome back anyhoooooo! WE missed ya.


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:chuckle: try shrinking the responses to get through them a little faster ;)

welcome back!


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GREATidea sleepeyes!

Peeps Mcarthur

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As you can see,4 days is an eternity here.

I was gone for 6 days during the last holidays,so I feel your pain.

The JCAHO thread will make you want to stick pins in your administator's vodoo doll..good venting material.


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Hey kewl? Did you get stuck in a snowbank in Buffalo already and that's why you missed 4 days! The white stuff'll be flyin soon enough. Or, did you fly to Myrtle Beach for one last golf outing with the guys? Either way, welcome back!


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wish i was in myrtle, was at work ;(


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I wish I was at Myrtle Beach. Welcome back col nurse. I asked an oxygen sat question and got the best responses. Welcome back and enjoy the squinting (need glasses)(eyes burnt out now) :(


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I actually saw that one Mario. Was a good thread

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hey, honorary bubba welcome back

:) :) :) :) :)

micro didn't see bubba bub

so micro says like a lub, dub

where the heck has bubba kewl gone

or where is he going, once he is done


back at you :)


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Heh kewl.. hugs and WB.... LVGRN thread on dating was also quite entertaining....



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Showing off tats again......Here

I just copied my pic from the thread we had going along time ago and posted it there. You remember that Kewl, way back when.......Ohhhhhhh the good ol' days. :kiss

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