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Made the switch to go outpatient about 6 months ago and am regretting it. Everything I learned about in nursing school is a waste with what I do now. The clinic I am at has a lot of occupational medicine. It's the same thing day in and day out- pee in this cup, here's your TB test, read this vision chart, your BP is too high for your DOT exam, etc. I feel as if I work at a DMV with an endless amount of people in line. I came from a med/surg environment where the nurses frequently (including myself at the time) complained about having 5-6 patients. I am now missing having only 5-6 versus 80-100 a day. The short staffing is way worse than I ever imagined being outpatient. I miss seeing patients get better with my care, following plan of cares, critically thinking, and having autonomy. I fell into the trap of thinking at the time I was inpatient that "the grass is greener on the other side." I've interviewed with 2 inpatient positions so far and wasn't chosen for either one. Just at a loss. 

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sorry to hear!! I wish you luck, just keep applying! at least now you know you don't like that right?

I also attempted something like this. I worked for a well known food mftr and it was awful! waiting around for "something to go wrong" and starting a DVD for the NEO. I couldnt stand it! yea, I was a job that ppl retire in and love to have, but not my thing! 

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Some people love outpatient, others not. Although I did love outpatient and I still don't think I'd enjoy what you describe. I worked in primary care, and I was able to form relationships with some of the patients, which is what I like. But keep your chin up, you'll be back to inpatient soon if you keep applying. Or you could look at something mid-way between inpatient and outpatient, like ambulatory surgery or something. 

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The bedside is horrible. You made and right decision to leave it.

No reason to fret either way. Remind yourself inpatient sucks, but also...if you decide to go back you will eventually have no trouble landing a job. You have experience. I think the online apps are what hurt people these days, all that filtering. Good luck!


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Don't give up! Keep applying. I didn't get several "dream" jobs I applied for and it got a different one instead. I float to what I thought was my "dream job" and hate it but love mine. So God will open the right door for you even if it doesn't feel like it. It's not advice most want to hear but it's never failed me. 
Ask for feedback from the interviews then apply it in the future.


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I understand exactly what you are saying. I am in a very similar situation. I was working home health but the company, like many other home health agencies now, moved to a pay based on type of visit/points system. The hours and pay became inconsistent so I made the move to an Occ Health position.  Like you, I thought working a clinic type setting would be better than bedside but within a few days I knew I had made a huge mistake for some of the exact reasons you  mentioned plus a few more. I'm not in a position to change jobs right now but I hope you are able to find something else soon.

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Had to chime in. Been working as an FNP for 8 months now and I too miss the bedside. I mostly miss my crew and the comradery and the shenanigans that go on during the night. Coworkers became friends, and these friends became best of friends, but once you move on, they just turn into former coworkers and life moves on I guess. I don't necessarily miss the workload of bedside nursing or the patients, but I miss the consistency of work and miss only having the work 2 days each week.

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