Minnesota State LPN refresher course, correspondence based


I'm in WIs and currently enrolled in an LPN course out of Minnesota to get my LPN lisc. bac. It is an old fashioned paper and pencil course with no interaction, feedback or monitoring...or assignment time limits. You just do this whole chunk of reading and writing and send it in. I started 3 years ago. Have gotten no where. The lack of feedback, the whole mess chunked on me...now, if I don't finish by May I have to re-enroll for 8 bucks I don't have.

I'm just frustrated and because I'm in the boondocks..it's my only option that I can find.

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Is this an accredited program? How do you do clinicals?

Because if the program isn't accredited, you cannot take NCLEX and actually get licensed.

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer - just a heads up.

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If this is an entry to practice class, how do you complete clinical rotations that are required by every state if you just read a chunk of material and mail it in?

Is this an entry to practice class or a refresher class to reinstate a license? Is the class approved by the WI BoN, whether it is a refresher or entry to practice?

Honestly I've never heard of a "correspondence" course in practical nursing via mail that you had 3 years to complete and only $8 to extend your time to complete.

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I don't know where to start......how much did you pay for this course? Is it accredited by NLNAC?

Are the credits transferrable if you want to go on and get your RN? I don't understand how you can learn by just writing papers and taking tests....you must have a certain number of clinical hours...how do you even practice procedures?? No feedback? How do you know if you're doing something right or wrong? This sounds scary to me!!! Also, employers know which are legitimate schools, and which are not, and hire accordingly. You could get all the way through the program and find nobody will hire you..

Becoming an LPN takes a huge amount of work; classwork, practice labs and clinical hours. I would cut my losses and run from this program. If you really want to do this, can you move closer to a commmunity college and enroll in their program??

I wish the best for you, but truly you need to rethink this...

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I think he said it's a course to get his license BACK..so maybe it's a refresher course? If that's right, then maybe you could divide the 'chunk' into sections and give yourself due dates. That may get you back on track! Good luck!

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The refresher courses I've seen have all had clinical time.

I, too, don't want to be a Debbie Downer but I don't want you to be wasting your time and money. Check into what your state requires if you are trying to get your license back. You can find it on your BON website.

As I said, good luck



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Hello all

I have been struggling with Min State's pencil and paper correspondence course for about 3 years. I've been out of the LPN field for 15 due to what they thought was MS but turned out to be transverse myleitis. I am not trying to get my lisc back.

One problem. This course makes me want to tear my hair out. You sit with your book, and answer questions. No feedback..no discussion...just read, look up stuff and write.

It's frustrating... and I wish there was a forums or page for it or something.

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If you're not trying to get your license back, why are you doing it at all?

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Are you, like, in prison or something?


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All right correction time not eight bucks..re-enroll for 800 bucks. and Yes I AM going to get my lisc. back. Or try...

Regrading Accredited. Yes it is.

Regrading CLinicals : You have an independent contract with a local facility where you do 85 hours with a preceptor. Minnesota sends a contract to the facility.

Yes, it is a refresher course.

No...I'm not in prison. Not sure where that question came from.


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Is it possible for you to go through WI to get a LPN license and then just do reciprocity? Obviously the way this course is formatted, is not conducive to your personal learning style and is costing as much money as doing an online RN program. One of the first things I would do is contact the BON in Mn and discuss this with them. Seems so bassackwards to me to not give a student or nurse wanting a refresher any feedback. GL!