Advice for Applying Out-of-State

  1. Hello everyone!! I'm hoping you can give me some advice.
    I'm in nursing school in MO right now and will graduate with my BSN in May. Basically my whole family is planning to move back to the Twin Cities in the near future.

    How realistic would it be for me to apply for a job out-of-state? Ideally, I'd like to move up there and start working as soon as I graduate, but I have no idea how the job market is up there or anything.

    Any help would be appreciated! When to apply, whether or not I'm being realistic about this, etc.... Thank you!!
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  3. by   AprilRNurse
    I'll be honest- the job market is not good here. MN is one of the highest paid states with cost of living adjustment. Because of our good wages- there hasn't been a shortage that I've seen in years. A coworker of mine (she just hit her one year mark) said there are people she graduated with a year ago that still have not found jobs in the cities.

    Not to be negative...

    Good luck though!
  4. by   futurenurse7873
    Thanks for your honesty! Not the best news, but that's exactly what I needed.
  5. by   AprilRNurse
    Another thing to remember.... keep applying. MN has a strong nursing union. (as I'm sure you've heard in the media) When a position opens... there might be a lot of internal shifting before there is actually an open position to the public. They have to post each position...then take highest seniority/qualifications. Then, that nurses position will be posted.... and again goes to best applicant...and so forth.

    Anyway... if you don't get hired by a hospital-- keep applying even if it looks like they turned you down and reposted the same position.
  6. by   Ruas61
    You might have some luck in LTC but honestly so far out it is hard to call at this date.
  7. by   caliotter3
    Don't give up. Keep applying. And once you move there, apply in person as much as possible. One time I walked into an employer's office and guess what? Given a job on the spot, I was told, "You just saved us from having to start the search process". Talk about luck. So, it can't hurt to get yourself seen, along with your resume and application.
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  9. by   casi
    After 6 months I finally got into LTC. It seems that BSNs are having better luck than those with associate degrees, but either way the market is really tight. So in short getting a position is doable, but it takes a lot of work.