Minnesota BON application questions

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I applied on Friday to their online site and they accepted my payment.

How soon will I be able to log into their website to look at my application status?

Also, how quickly, once they get the info from Excelsior (I am making them send the info today- overnight if I can get away with it) will I get my ATT?



Why don't you give them a call and ask?

I wouldn't be posting here if I hadn't already done so. :)

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ATT will come from pearsonvue once you have registered with them and paid fees and the BON says it is OK to release your ATT. How long will vary on how timely they receive your documents

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It varies greatly depending on how busy they are. You have to register with Pearsonvue. I remember turning in my paperwork at about the same time as my clinical classmates. Some of us got ATT's right away, others there was a wait. I wouldn't expect much of a wait right now as it's not a big time for graduations...but who knows.

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