Question for the ICU nurses??

  1. At your hospitals, if your patient needs to travel for a diagnostic study (CT, XRay, MRI), who transports the patient? In our hospital it is the job of the radiology nurse and we feel it is unsafe because we don't know the patients.

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  3. by   gwenith
    We always take an ICU nurse, an orderly or two and a doctor. We never travel with less if the patient is intubated and ventilated
  4. by   lashes
    ICU nurses and RT's.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    ICU nurses, RT (if on vent), NP or resident if very unstable, patient transport staff.
  6. by   countryboy_74_RN
    ICU RN, RT if available, and an intensivist if the RN deems it necessary
  7. by   RoxanRN
    Always 1 (or 2) ICU RN and 1 ICU PCT (or 2), and RT (if needed). If the patient is deemed to need an MD at bedside constantly, then they are too critical/unstable to go off the unit (yes, there is the rare exception). On occasion, if the MD doesn't have anything better to do, they might assist the RN to take the patient out of the unit.
  8. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]usually the critical care transport team. if they're unavailable, then rn, md and rt.
  9. by   AfloydRN
    CCU RN and RT. A transporter can push the bed.
  10. by   cardiacRN2006
    Me and a tech if non vented; me and an RT if intubated.
  11. by   srna2008
    One or 2 RN's, ICU tech, and RT if on vent
  12. by   ICURN2004
    icu nurse, monitor and RT if on vent. stabalize pt first....
    something to share that is very scary is the other day the med surg floor had a pt that appeared to be extending a CVA. they needed a icu bed but first was going to take him to cat scan... :angryfire the patient showed up to the unit with one xray transport person and not fricken breathing.... how long ... how long was he not breathing????? the answer i got was "i thought he didnt look right" quick intubation and the patient is still critical. damn i hate days like that.... ps always take your chart too if you go with a pt... if a code is called in xray dept.. the doc that shows up is not going to know that pt....
  13. by   OkieICU_RN
    Someone from patient transport, the RN taking care of the patient, an ICU tech and an RT if the patient is on a vent.

    I am interested to see so many list docs on there. I have never had a doc volunteer to come along, even in unstable patients. If they are unstable, usually another RN or the charge will come along, but unstable means about to code or has brady'd down or otherwise coded recently.
  14. by   BamaFlightRN
    If you turn your patient over to someone who is unable to manage the patient or not able to provide the same level of care you are guilty of abandonment. If they have a bad outcome, your responsible. Dont put yourself in that position. You worked too hard for your license...