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srna2008 specializes in SICU--CRNA 2010.

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  1. srna2008

    Question about Becoming a CRNA

    you just call housekeeping to clean up everything..........just kidding, in the ICU, the RN cleans up the vomit, crap, blood, and any other fluids that may find their way out of the patient
  2. srna2008

    Book: Nurse Anesthesia SECRETS

    I would focus on critical care nursing materials for now. That is the base to build upon later as you prepare to apply to CRNA school. There are alot of good books out there, but most would probably be a little beyond what you need right now. All through RN school, anytime I was in the OR, I would definitely get up at the head of the bed next to anesthesia. Talk to them while you are in the OR, get advice about a good ICU in the area to try to start out in. Once in an ICU, after you start to feel competent and meet the time requirements, start studying for CCRN. Studying for that exam really helped in the interviews. Good luck with the adventure
  3. srna2008

    Medication flash cards

    lists are attached... Local anesthetics.doc Machine Checkout.doc Abbot Drugs.doc
  4. srna2008

    I'M IN!!!! Now what?

    Try and enjoy the next few months because school will take much of your time once you begin. Make sure to get your financial aid lined up ASAP. I don't really see any point in brushing up on info before school, you will learn it in class, but if you feel you must read, I would probably read up on ANS. congrats on being accepted
  5. srna2008

    "Must have's" for school and clinical

    I got pre-punched paper, seems really simple, but it will save you some time when printing out all that material
  6. srna2008

    More Interview stories

    One of my interviews was clinically based. I just pretty much studied the CCRN materials and it went pretty well.
  7. srna2008

    To all who've taken Organic Chem as a prereq...I need your advice

    Like SBCHEV99 said, Organic is a different animal. I too was pre-med and took O-chem I & II. It is pretty much memorization, just put in time and you should be OK I took O chem not having had general chem in about 7 years and I didn't have a problem with it.
  8. srna2008

    What are my chances?

    contact program directors and ask them
  9. srna2008

    Question from a student - DOBUTAMINE

    Dobutamine, on the other hand, has alpha properties as well. So you will see vasoconstriction and an increase in SVR. Good luck. Hope that helps I am pretty sure you meant DOPAMINE, it has alpha 1 agonism at higher doses.
  10. srna2008

    Anyone receive invite to TCU?

    Know info that you studied to pass CCRN, that seemed to help me at TWU last year.
  11. srna2008

    AF CRNA program

    I would work in a civilian ICU. The Air Force needs will come first and you are not guaranteed an ICU slot. In the AF, you would also have to spend those few years in Med-surg (that would suck). Find an ICU that takes new grads and go that route.
  12. srna2008

    aah and oh no

    All the waiting really sucks. You finally finish the apps and send them in, then you wait for the letter for an interview. You get really nervous in the weeks leading up to the interview. The worst wait is after the interview. While you are waiting, try to do some fun things and spend all the time you can with your friends and family, because if you get in, when you start, free time is pretty much out the window. good luck to all of you applicants
  13. srna2008

    Which was harder and how much chemistry?

    I have studied more in the first 5 weeks of CRNA school than all of nursing school. They don't compare. As far as chemistry, it is just a crash course in general, organic, and biochem. The Chemistry at my school doesn't seem to be too hard yet, the class average on the first test was very high.
  14. srna2008

    whats the reqs to be a SRNA?

    get into CRNA school
  15. srna2008

    Tuition Rankings?

    Those lists in World News don't mean too much. If you want to know how much each program is, check out the programs web site, most list it for you or you could call and just request that info from the program
  16. srna2008

    CCRN exam

    Try to find a friend or co-worker from your unit that has recently taken the test and see if they have the Gasparis dvd. I borrowed it from a friend and spend a few weeks watching, took questions from PASS CCRN and did very well on the test