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    Hi All!

    I came to the VA ICU (mostly PCU patients) 4 months ago after working in ICU at a level 1 trauma center for 2.5 years. Prior to that I worked at a community hospital in ICU/PCU for a year. I was planning on studying/taking my CCRN this fall - i have Laura's DVDs and was going to buy the test questions from AACN and Baron's CCRN study guide. I work at the VA and they give bonuses for certificates. I have been told to take your PCCN first for the larger bonus and then take the CCRN next for the smaller bonus (each bonus goes down in money) because they have been known to give you grief if you do it backwards. Has anyone studied for just the CCRN and taken the PCCN and passed? I didn't know how difficult it would be or if I need to study separately. Thanks!
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  3. by   KeepinitrealCCRN
    Unrelated. If you work in the ICU then you take the CCRN and if you work intermediate/progressive/step down care you take PCCN.
  4. by   AJJKRN
    My boss told me this as she has both certifications...

    She said the PCCN was actually harder for her because you have to take the test in the mindset of a nurse with the knowledge of a step down nurse without using your knowledge of a ICU nurse, if that makes sense. She said that yes it was very beneficial to study for them separately to help keep in each mindset.

    I would loosely compare it to trying to take both the certifications for medical-surgical (CMSRN) and neuroscience nursing (CNRN) but with only using the resources from one focus area to study for both.

    Good luck on both!