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KeepinitrealCCRN has 9 years experience and specializes in SICU,CTICU.

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  1. I would do an incident report for unsafe staffing every time Im tripled. It is unsafe and you shouldn't put up with it.
  2. Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    Never only in CTICU.
  3. Y Site

    For me I don't think it is safe. You have more medications running together, you might need to flush the IV site or if there's an emergency and you use that line to push meds through or hanging piggy back medications you might make a mistake. Also ...
  4. Y Site

    Any high risk medications I run alone if possible no matter compatibility.
  5. Y Site

    Maybe not the question you asked but I would never Y site anything to a heparin drip. I always run heparin alone even if it is compatible with other medications.
  6. IV gtts and arterial line

    Nope. The IV drips have nothing to do with your arterial line blood draw.
  7. Should I mention this in an interview?

    I would only bring it up if they ask you what your plans are for the future.
  8. ICU Nurses

    Please take everyone else's job off my plate so I can do my own job, that would be great. Thanks.
  9. ER to CV surgical ICU or MICU?

    Agree with everything above. MICU is hell on earth. ECMO is also boring and depending on where you work a perfusionist might run the machine so you really don't do anything with that. You need to learn hemodynamics and managing emergency situation...
  10. Future Nurses are Brighter Than Ever

    Well if you can read between the lines what I was trying to say was grades are not everything. I've seen many new graduates "top of their class" and they are not good nurses. It takes more than a GPA to be a good nurse.
  11. Future Nurses are Brighter Than Ever

    I don't want a 4.0 GPA nursing student working alongside me. I'd like someone with some common sense, critical thinking skills, hardworking and knows how to communicate with people. You can teach most people the skills to being a nurse but you cann...
  12. PACU nurses being floated to ICU?

    Everyone should come together and help out. Even if they are just transporting pts, putting IVs in or giving meds. The MICU nurses should not have to be the only ones working with the Covid pts in this very stressful time.
  13. Sick of nurses "referring" to our specialty

    School nursing is a specialty just like any other. I cannot imagine doing that ever! To me it is hard and has a specific set of challenges.
  14. Patient’s family threatening to report me to BNE

    A BP of 90s/60s is not a rapid response (maybe there was more to it). It seems like you did all the right things and I would not be worried at all. I wish certain family members would fire me!
  15. Tips on Getting an ICU Job as a New Grad

    As Hoosier said just apply to all of them and see what happens but I highly discourage you from doing this. If you do get accepted get into a good orientation program (at least 4 months) otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure no matter ho...