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I thought I would start a thread on different ICU websites and everyone can add to it as they like. First site has to be Mark Hammerschmidt's excellent site An Aussie link (of course) ... Read More

  1. by   zambezi
    Here is a great one for pics of xrays, cardiac anatomy, etc---
    For those that need pictures check this out!
  2. by   HoustonRN04
    Thank you Gwen.... very resourceful and helpful websites!!
  3. by   sinders1
    Hi this is my first posting. I have found some wonderful resource materials for our small ICU. We are an 8 bed unit We receive everything, vents, cardiac, send out for angio's to the city, complicated surgical etc.
    What I am looking for is developing a patient satisfation surrey for the QI committee I sit on. Does anyone already use one that is effective?
    I would be interested in any assistance THanks Cindy in Ontario, Canada
  4. by   gwenith
    Here is another site that is just great - Australian of course

    (Well, Australian,New Zealand and Hong Kong)
  5. by   christianRN
    Thanks, everyone, for all the GREAT websites!

    I just went through and added almost all of them to my favorites to review as I"m studying for my CCRN exam.

    Thanks for sharing this enormous wealth of knowledge!
  6. by   vhankrn
    Thanks so much as a new grad working in post intensive care this is what I needed. There are so many things to remember.
  7. by   onduty23
    thanks links are great
  8. by   nurseMargo
    Gwenith, THANK YOU very much!!!!
    The sites are wonderful!!!
  9. by   Lori_RN_BSN
    Gwenith, you have no idea how great it is that you shared these websites. I'm going into my last semester in ns and taking critical care. I will share these websites with my classmates. Thank you so much!!

  10. by   sldrn2b
    :angel2: Gwenith you're an angel. This website has helped me tremendously. I can't thank you enough. The others were also great but I really liked this one.

  11. by   Lorilei-RN-in05
    This is my first posting on this thread - I just graduated as an RN (still need to take the boards!) and have been hired in the CSICU. I have to admit - I am scared sh**less!! There is so much to learn, and I am thankful that orientation is 6 months long with LOTS of instruction to go along! I'm really going to utilize the websites - thank you all so much!! Lori
  12. by   Toffifee_De_Sheltie
    Thank you!
  13. by   sdrakon
    Hi, I am an italian nurse Gigi I want sign my new intensive care site
    Thank you