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  1. If anyone is considering to go to OCC nursing school, I recommend to change their mind and find different school. In my opinion, I think OCC is a horrible school. First of all, they accept anyone from the street about 300 students per year and their purpose is to get rid of as many students as possible. Second, the instructors have a god complex. They fail students just because they can. Some instructors will lie to the student by waiting until the 2 weeks before clinical is over to tell the student she is going to flunk her, and they will make up stories to cover their ass and their word is against student's and the dean will believe instructor. If instructor is going to flunk the student, she must give student chance to improve.Whether or not instructor will pass or fail the student depends on whether or not she likes the student personally. I have learned from the leadership class that the job evaluation should be based on the job performance, not based on the subjective opinion about a person. Many instructors have an audacity to tell student that nursing is not the right for her and she can never become a nurse, which is a superior complex. I think some nursing schools are better than others... Just my
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I am not about to bash on OCC in particular but I think you raise a good point about nursing schools accepting large numbers of pre-nursing students only to weed them out as the courses progress and graduating only a small fraction of the original freshmen nursing class. This is just unfair and irresponsible on the schools' part. When a school accepts a student in it's freshman class, it should be based on the fact that the students accepted have a potential to become future nurses and it is part of the school's responsibility to assist these students in attaining their goal towards a nursing degree. Many schools who who can boast a 100% passing rate on the NCLEX get there because many of them practice this strategy of eliminating students who do not perform well instead of being upfront from the beginning of the admission process and telling these students that nursing is not for them. I view it as a money-making scheme because they can charge tuition to these students although they know that they will not make it in their program.
  4. by   MySimplePlan
    Some schools even have a winter start class to fill in the holes left from those who have failed from the first two semesters, LOL. They make the winter group go all summer, so that when fall arrives and the second year starts, the winter group will be 'caught up' and join the original fall starters. That way the class can be nice and full come graduation.

    Oh - one thing - the tendency to burn out is so much greater in the winter starts because they don't get that summer break....somewhere during the year, something's got to give, and the winter students have a great risk of falling out during their second year from exhaustion.

  5. by   Anne36
    That is some very dissapointing news. Did you get dismissed from OCC? That is where I was planning on going. NOw I'm really worried. Dont you get an idea if you are doing poorly? Is it just a big surprise if you get kicked out? I would be so screwed because then I would never be able to pay back student loans. I need to take a bunch of pre-reqs to catch up since Ive been out of school for a long time. The more I hear about nursing school the more I feel that I am really gambling with my money. Would I have better odds if I went to Motown Casino?
  6. by   Ms.RN
    I was in ADN program and when I didnt pass one class in the second year, I decided not to retake the class but I changed to LPN program and graduated. This school accepts about 300 students and they weed out most students and about 70 students end up graduating. Clinical instructors use dirtiest trick to fail the students. They are not there to teach students, but they intimidate students and scare the hell out of them and make their life miserable. So I would say yes, I think if you go to OCC, you are gambling with your money because you never know whether or not you are going to graduate. Like I said before, some clinical instructor will wait until the 6th week out of 7 week clinical period to tell you she's going to flunk the student, and never give student a chance to improve. I think this school should be more strict with admission criteria so that they only accept students who has good chance of graduating.
    I went to different college for my LPN to RN program, and this school accepts only 100 students but we have to take the NET test and I think our passing score is higher than other colleges. This school is very very student friendly. Instructors are there to assist students to learn and they never intimidate students. This school make sure we learn everything we need to know before we graduate. And in each class, we have to take ERI test, it is a comprehensive test of the class, and it gives us an idea what areas we are weak and we need to concentrate more to study for the boards. I think more than 80 students graduated this year. I had really good experience at this school, and I feel pretty confident that I'm going to have a good transition in the real world. :mortarboard: :smiley_aa :angel2:
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  7. by   cdchick
    I graduated from OCC in 2004 and honeslty had no problems with the program. I'm very sorry if you were kicked out. I do not know the whole situation. The thing that got me through nursing school was my very strong group of friends (we were able to work together as well). We were able to keep things together. I honestly never saw anyone kicked out that probably didn't belong there in the first place. I remember we had one girl who constantly showed up late, and our clinical instrutor even found her playing her game boy during clinicals. I know nursing school is tough, and its hard to adjust to different clincial instructors. I know the couple who were tough to me, were honestly just trying to get me to become a good nurse with critical thinking skills.
    I felt like I was was well prepared for the real world after leaving OCC. I only have good things to say about it.
  8. by   MySimplePlan
    . I remember we had one girl who constantly showed up late, and our clinical instrutor even found her playing her game boy during clinicals.


    It's students like the above that make the instructors bat**** crazy to the rest of us, LOL.

  9. by   spacedoubt
    Quite frankly I don't understand students like that. Playing her game boy and showing up late. What the **** just don't show up then if you find the class that much of a hassle to you. I'm sure someone else would love to have your spot.
  10. by   rn2bn07
    I am an OCC graduate this year and yes it was tough getting through the nursing program. But I would never have anything negative to say about this school because overall they prepared me to be the nurse I am right now. I never failed any courses and I went to every class and clinical 100%. I had really hard instructors for clinicals and lectures, as well as, really easy ones too. I feel the program is very rewarding and well balanced. We didn't have to take the NET, the HESI, and the ERI as part of our grade which was good to me (less things to remember) but all of our test were geared toward the N-Clex formats and as I study to prepare to take it in June I feel pretty confident and prepared to do so.

    Those who did not make the program is unfortunate. One of my closest friends whom happen to be an A student in lecture, I don't know about clinicals, failed one class and has to graduate in December, hopefully. Being book smart does not make you a good nurse all the time, especially in nursing school. And clinical skills are part of the critical thinking process as well. In the beginning of our nursing orientation, I remember they told us "Everyone are not made to become a nurse, being accepted into this program does not guarantee a nursing degree, you do" oh yeah they also said "Welcome to boot camp!" I knew then it was time for war and failing was not an option for me. Thanks OCC for keeping me grounded :spin:
  11. by   ashdun0324
    On a different subject regarding OCC, how long did you wait to get accepted there?
    Once you completed all of your pre-req's when did you apply and when did you start?
    Were all of your classes completed at OCC?
    I applied this April, I know I am not accepted this fall, but I wonder how good my chances are for 2008?!?
    I would hate to wait more than 1 1/2 years!
    Any tips on getting as soon as possible?
    Here any situations where people waited more than a year?
    Any advice or experience is helpful!
    Good luck with your nursing career!
  12. by   DoubleblessedRN
    To the OP: Sorry to say this, but it's like that everywhere. Is it fair? No. You are right, your clinical grade is usually the instructor's subjective opinion. A friend of mine, who doesn't atend your school, is a very good student who got A's and high B's on previous clinicals. One particular instructor, gave her a C, but another student who was late nearly every day got an A. (A deduction applies on each occurance.)
  13. by   juan de la cruz
    "It's like that everywhere else" - that's not necessarily true. Some programs only accept a specific number of students in their freshman class and for the most part, almost the same number of students end up graduating from the program by the time they become seniors. These schools screen students and only accept those who show a potential to progress in the nursing program instead of accepting everyone off the street and giving them false reassurance that they have been accepted to nursing only to find out that they couldn't handle the demands of the program and are then kicked out at the moment they fail. Trust me, I worked as a clinical instructor in these porgrams and I know how they work.
  14. by   Falafel
    OCC is ridiculous. Yes they've changed the requirements, and to tell you the truth, they screwed me. I admitted to myself that I'm no brain child, but I can certainly handle nursing school. Yes I struggled through A&P 1 abd 2, but I passed. But hey that doesnt count anymore. Now I'm going to MCC, and I'm happy. Hopefully ill be a 2008 nursing student,