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How helpful would you guys say the Mcgraw hill practice tests are? My 1st attempt, I scored 83%: 91 reading, 87 science, 80 math, & 78 verbal skills. I haven't taken the other exam yet & I'm waiting for the ATI book to arrive so I have more practice material. My TEAS exam is on March 9th & I need a 78 to get in to CSU Fresno...

I am also using the mcgraw hill to study for the teas. I would say that the practice test are probably good from what i hear, to get an understanding where u need to focus more on, but its better to purchase the practice teas exams online. but it looks like you have a really nice score and u have plenty of time to even study, so i would say that if ur doing the practice exams out of mcgraw hill then its helpful. I am trying to get into National University Fresno's nursing program and they say we need to atleast score an 85. I have heard that those online practice test really help a whole lot as well as the teas v study manual. I have to take my exam in mid Feb and hoping and praying for the best, i hope u do awesome when u take it as well as get into the program!!!

Wow, & I thought needing to get a 78 was bad enough! Having to get an 85 would just about kill me! LOL Good luck to you!

Thanks pinayluv78 i needed that luck lol!! yea they say it is best to get an 85 but most of the ones that get in get around an 80 from what some of the nursing students told me. @ holli_80_73 im not sure of the pdf version of the book because i do not have it. i got my book from amazon for 11 bucks

If anyone just used the McGraw Hill book could you compare your actual test score to the score you got on practice tests?


The ATI study manual was great! It comes with two practice tests in the book and two online practice tests. Those online practice tests were the best! They were more helpful to me than the paper tests. It gave me a clearer picture of where my weak areas were and how I was able to operate under the stress of a timer. Totally worth the investment. Good luck!

I used McGraw Hill. I only needed to take the reading portion, so that's all I studied for and can comment on. It was helpful for describing the test & giving test taking tips.

*BUT* I when I did the practice tests at home I finished in half the alotted time. I went to the actual test this month and barely finished all the questions. I found the actual test questions much harder/ more detailed than the practice tests in the book. I had to watch the clock and make sure that I kept a good pace to complete the exam.

I would love, love, love to hear more feedback on how the McGraw Hill study guide compares to the actual test. I assumed the time it takes to complete the study guide tests would differ from the actual test. But, I was hoping people can expand more on how helpful it is for the science and math sections? I score well on the practice tests but I don't feel like I'm studying enough material.

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I agree with Tapeitup 100%. I had the exact experience with mcgraws book and I also used only the reading portion. I took practice tests and the worst was 2 wrong, but all done within 30 min.The actual test was harder and I almost ran out of time. But I did take the test a day after I had lasik so my reading speed was much slower. In the end I only got an 85.7%. Dwfinitely use the official manual. It's usually the closest to the real thing

You are right. The TEAS 5 really do not cover the material that is on the actual test. The science portion is a NO, NO. Most of the science on the test is earth science and the practice test is limited in that area. I would suggest you purchase one of the online tests at the ATI testing site or the entire study manual which includes practice tests. It will help you more.

Well this is a bummer since I take the test this week and there is no time to order the ATI book. The version V study guide just came out so that's why I hadn't purchased it yet. A lot of people have purchased the ATI book thinking its going to help them for the TEAS V and its for the old version. So, there are a lot of mixed reviews on what works and what doesn't. Now, I'm going to just cross my fingers and take each question one at a time. We only get one chance a year to take the test here so I hope I do well.

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