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  1. I applied to CA BON the end of April and I still have not received my ATT. The BON website says they are currently processing March applications. I am working as a graduate nurse at a VA hospital in CA. One of the nurses said I should just apply for ...
  2. Nope, not at the school I went to.
  3. 2015 Rn pay per hour

    I've been offered a salary of $69,279 (33.31/hr) for a graduate nurse position. When I pass the nclex and get converted to RN, it'll go up a little more, so I've been told. This is in Fresno, CA.
  4. Kaplan NCLEX RN Premier Practice Test Score

    I just took the online RN Premier practice test to see where I am at in terms of NCLEX readiness. My score is 69.44% (I have not begun studying yet, as I have just graduated this past weekend). What percentage best indicates passing of NCLEX?
  5. Pearson Vue Registration

    Thanks. Guess I better go do that, then! :)
  6. Pearson Vue Registration

    Hi, I'm new to this whole registering for a license thing. I graduate in a few days, and my school never really explained everything. So, I already applied for a license and IP with the CA BON, but I didn't register for the test yet because I don't h...
  7. Interim permit question

    Thank you. Hopefully, someone will come along with their recent experience obtaining an IP.
  8. Interim permit question

    Hello. Is there anyone in California who can tell me, from their experience, the approximate wait time to receive an interim permit upon graduation? I'm graduating this weekend and need a permit to start work as a new grad. Any advice is greatly appr...
  9. Get this book. It was very helpful for me... Fundamentals Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking (Davis's Q&a Success): Patricia M. Nugent RN MA MS EdD, Barbara A. Vitale RN MA: 9780803627796: Books
  10. BSN Programs in CA? HELPP

    Fresno State chooses their students based on prereqs and TEAS scores. I got in right away with a 4.0 prereq gpa, 3.5 overall gpa, and 76% TEAS score.
  11. Assistance w/Littmann stethoscope

    I think it just depends on whether or not you need a better stethoscope. If a classic works for you then there's really no need to spend more money. In my case, however, I need the Cardiology iii because of my hearing impairment. I first tried the cl...
  12. COS Visalia students spring 2013

    If u do apply to Fresno state and u get in, u will love it! I am a 1st semester student and the instructors are wonderful, especially Ma!
  13. Acceptance Stats

    I start at Fresno State tomorrow. My prerequisite Gpa was 4.0 with a cumulative Gpa of 3.54. My TEAS score wasn't very high (76%) but it met the minimum requirement (must pass with a 75%). I was accepted right away, no problem.
  14. What courses did you take in conjunction with A & P?

    I took anatomy with chemistry & statistics. Then I took physiology with microbiology & nutrition.
  15. I need to purchase a stethoscope for my nursing program which starts next week. I have moderate to severe hearing loss in the high frequencies. Any recommendations?