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I need to purchase a stethoscope for my nursing program which starts next week. I have moderate to severe hearing loss in the high frequencies. Any recommendations?

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I know this reply is late. Have you spoken with your audiologist? You will be surprised how many know of someone

who works in the medical field and are deaf/Deaf or HOH and use amplified stethoscopes.

Another suggestion is to look at and search for amplified stethoscopes, then read them over. Then you could call/e-mail or TTY - does any one use a TTY anymore, smile? and ask them your questions.

Do you wear in the ear hearing aids, or BTE? That might help you make up your mind which device would work better for you.,

Also do a search here on this forum and see what you can read.

Hope this school semester is a good one for you,


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I'm not sure what the name is but a few coworkers who are Muslim use a stethoscope that you can adjust the "volume" by a button on the scope. They said it helps when its difficult to hear because they put the scope's ear pieces over their head scarves instead of directly in their ears. I tried it once and thought it was pretty cool.

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