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Hi all, I have a problem, my white tennis shoes from Target just aren't cutting it anymore, my feet ache SO bad when I get off from work it actually is begining to affect my mobility for the rest of... Read More

  1. by   gitterbug
    Hey guys, New Balance is the best for males or females. But if you need a more substancial shoe Hush Puppies used to make a buck with good arch support. It can be a bear to keep clean unless you use the recommended polish, but they do a real good job for the fellas who are on the large side.
    My friend Terry, 6'3'', 260 lbs, with football knees alternated between them and New Balance. Please remember to pamper your feet, when able to sit down to chart, unless you are prone to swelling, allow your feet to get some air, fex the toes a little too. Be wary of too tight elastic socks, and a little powder mid-shift can do wonders. It may be a little difficult to do on AM shifts but PM's allow for a little pampering every once in awhile. I had a man tell me once he loved his wife because she gave the best foot massages in the world. LOL! To each his own I guess, have a blessed day.
  2. by   anonymurse
    Don't forget good socks.
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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    I'm a z-coils man
  4. by   OldPhatMC
    Try the Brooks Addiction Walker. I have had excellent support and great comfort with them. They hold up very well too. My only cheat is to put in an after-market memory foam insole.

    I like the Crocs a lot and use them for slippery conditions (after all, Crocs were invented to be a boat shoe).

    I'm a big guy and learned how to optimize my footwear when I worked at Costco for three years. I also use the Rx support hose from Juzo to keep the ankles going.
  5. by   meandragonbrett
    Oh! Socks! Somebody mentioned those. Good socks are a plus. I usually change socks 1/2 way into my shift....makes the other half a lot better.
  6. by   BigDog
    I found some shoes at sears their like dresssy mechanic (Black no worries seeing betadine,blood etc stains)Soles are resistent to evrything so no slippage.They have diehard stamped on the sole cost about 50
  7. by   crnawant2be
    I recently tried Merrell's topo moc pro best money spend in some time
  8. by   cowpoke_rn
    Also try Merrell, Primo Breeze.....I wouldn't work a day without them.
  9. by   Ekklesia
    Quote from crnawant2be
    I recently tried Merrell's topo moc pro best money spend in some time
    Thanks for the info!

    I need a size 15 and this exacerbates the whole shoe-buying process for me!

    I have found the Propet Life Walker to be pretty darn good, and reasonable in price (under $50.00).
  10. by   Raeth
    My program requires solid white, non vented shoes for clinical... what a pain! I wear a size 14. Pretty much everywhere I went and asked for white Danskos in that size they looked at me like I was drooling on myself. (Pretty sure I wasn't) So then I ordered a pair of Danskos... never came... ordered another pair of Danskos... came the day before my first clinical, but didn't fit my feet right. :angryfire Emergency trip to them mall netted me the ugliest New Balances ever made... but they fit, and that's what counts.
  11. by   Nubcake
    try a nike free, so nice. like you're walking on a foam.
  12. by   Buckyxj
    New Balance is the only shoes I wear anymore. I wear a size 12 or 13 depending on the day. My feet are pretty narrow and the NB seem to be made narrower.
  13. by   Rhfish2
    I have worn Rocksport's for years in the ED without any problem