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  1. BSN vs. RN Salary

    My hospital pays more for a BSN (3%) + 3% more for MSN but also pays 3% for CCRN, PCCN or any other cert. they consider it more edu but BSN does not make you a better nurse. (case in point one of the most imperessive open heart nurses in our unit is ...
  2. not really in the same situation. I'm both the nurse and firefighter. I work 7a to 7a (24 on 48 off) then go to hospital and work 11a to 11p 3 or 4 days a week. The wife keeps the home front. I do carry kids to School on way to hospital when i can.
  3. Ga BON

    i graduated on May 12, 2008, got my att June 6,2008, tested July 7, 2008, had lincenes in hand Aug. 10, 2008 I think. hope this helps PS congrat on making it this far:yeah:
  4. Help With Dosage Calculations!!

    i am currently taking dosage calculations but i am more hands on learning or learning in a classroom, but this class is only offered online! could someone help me with some problems!! a dopamine drip is ordered to infuse at 3mcg/kg/min. the solution...
  5. Okay to verify blood product order with an LPN?

    on my unit 2 licenced nurses, (rn or lpn)
  6. Internships New Grads

    I started a new job in aug(as a new grad) at a small 230 bed hospital in nortwest GA right now they have 29 rn positions posted on web site. Can get OT about anytime you want it.
  7. husbands that won't help

    As a "husband", nurse, father and preacher ( not in that order) I like this, as a child from a split home I have never liked the "big D" word, if only we could convince male (u notice I say male and not men) there is more to being a husband/father th...
  8. ER- HELP: Dumbest reason people go to ER

    Thanks, these are great keep them coming As a firefighter/EMT, I have seen a few interesting calls #1 dispatched for “my baby is chocking”, Arrived to find a 120 lb black lab puppy eating a chicken bone #2 Not Medical related but dispatched to pet bi...
  9. Here is a crazy question

    35 and used a backpack
  10. July NCLEX Takers come on in!

    took my on the 8th got my results today "quick results" and I PASSED
  11. I Passsssssssed!!!!

  12. Yee Hawww!!!!

  13. im just curious

    60 of the first 75 are real test question. 15 sample or potential test questions, I think
  14. The Board and ATT numbers

    I'm a new Grad and was wanting to know how long did it took for the Board to get out ATT numbers for NECLEX. Thanks for all your info.
  15. RN Dx for S/P CABG x3?

    Risk for infection R/t wound, lines: impaired mobility; possible decreased cardiac output, always address safety