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I am a new student in nursing and have a quick question. Well, I have many but this one is on my mind now. I do not want anyone to think I am bashing a certain kind of people when I say this,... Read More

  1. by   jollygreenRN
    It's a little known fact that many soldiers do wear panty hose when out on winter manouvers. Anything to keep hypothermia away. Those rice paddies in Korea get damn cold in the winter.
  2. by   pvjerrys
    I see no reason why male RNs cannot wear support hose (panty or other wise). Support can only help with blood flow.

    I knew a straight guy who lived in north east USA who wore panty hose in winter time because he said it was great at keeping his legs warm. I thought he was smart for doing so. Panty hose is cheap unlike the expensive silks or other thermal materials.

    What is the big deal anyway as long as the use of support hose accomplishes the job?
  3. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from corvette guy

    [color=#333333]i have several pair of these full support socks, which have graduated support for better circulation, and variable rib construction for greater support and comfort made from 96% nylon, 4% lycra.
    [color=#333333]why would a male nurse even consider support hose when the above support socks are available?
    this is from a woman, as straight as they come. i always hated pantyhose to begin with and unfortunately i needed varicose vein surgery a couple of years ago. they sent me home with two pairs of those thick, itchy medical support hose. i was forced to wear these monsters day and night in the texas 100 degree heat for two weeks straight. they are so tight you can't get in and the sweating and itching are unbearable. you know they are hardcore because these things were issued to me at a military hospital!!!!! wearing them traumatize you for life, i guarantee it.
    these things are free to a good home if anyone is interested.
    i rather get back under the knife than considering to continue wearing those horrible things......which is part of my aftercare plan. btw, corvette guy you probably agree with me on this one: your socks, a good leg workout at the gym and not smoking would be a good combination to help prevent varicose veins.
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  4. by   jimthorp
    Quote from Doubledee
    I'd love to try Danskos or a similar brand. Biggest problem is my small feet (size 7-7.5) Danskos for men start at size 9.
    Any male clog wearers with suggestions. What about off duty clogs?
    No reason you cannot try this "women's" shoe. It looks exactly like the men's shoe I bought.
  5. by   mcknis
    Originally Posted by mcknis
    ... but I did meet a guy who was gay and works in the hospital and he did in fact wear support hose...

    Maybe you should ask him out for coffee...
    Thought about it! :chuckle Just kidding yall. I too have had a good laugh at this even though I was the poster, but thanks to all.
  6. by   SFCardiacRN
    As long as the guys aren't wearing fishnets I don't think you need to worry about it!
  7. by   mcknis
    I think I would really have to start worrying then! Well, if they do choose to wear them, hopefully I wouldn't have to see them.
  8. by   huckfinn
    Straight to the bone and wear Kendall knee high TED's when I can get the rep. to comp me some. Too expensive to buy. My legs really feel good after a 10 hour day on an epoxy over concrete OR floor. and now that I think about it I feel real sexy putting them on in front of all the studs I work with. But I do digress.....
  9. by   GooeyRN
    Man or woman, gay or strait, support hose are a good idea. I wish I would take my own advice sometimes, but I find them so uncomfortable! Since I don't wear them, I started getting varicose veins at 21 years old! They aren't doing any better at 27, believe me!!
  10. by   SaraO'Hara
    Dayray, support hose wouldn't tug your hair. I don't shave my legs (female, but I always keep them covered), and tights don't pull on my leg hair.
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  11. by   all4schwa
    Quote from Tweety
    Any self-respecting homosexual would not hit on a straight man and wouldn't be got dead wearing support hose.

  12. by   Boltthrower
    I wore pantyhose in HS when I played football and they indeed cut down on chaffing and kept my legs warm as well. Again in the US Marines I wore them for long marches in order to prevent chaffing/blisters and occaisionally in the field for warmth. I plan on wearing them as a nurse because they have been recommended to me by people who know, including people on and off this site. I am secure enough in my "manliness" that I will not be bothered by morons who take issue with men wearing hose...... and if they insist on pushing it I will be happy to break their jaw for them.

    I do have a question though.... are support hose the same thing as regular nylons or pantyhose? I assume they are the same thing, but I am out of the loop on the subtle differences and would appreciate it if someone would clarify. THX

  13. by   KungFuFtr
    Go to support hose; then click on male socks.
    There are some cool skeletal and muscle picture, support hose.