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I'm a male student nurse, sophomore currently, BOTH my parents are nurses, dad is in ER, and mom is in ICU/CCU. The wierd thing is I didnt choose nursing to "follow my mom/dad's footsteps", its much... Read More

  1. by   K98
    My mother is a CRNP. My wife and I are both RNs, our daughter is starting nursing school soon, son just finished his EMT, working on EMT-P.
  2. by   ldybug7
    I am a RN and my mom and dad are RN's. I actually love that they both are. The three of us can connect on a different level now that we all have our careers in common. I love the fact that quite possibly being an RN has made my parents and I closer.
  3. by   JaredCNA
    My dad isn't a nurse, but actually he has encouraged me several times to go into nursing because my mom is a nurse and he sees the opportuniites that she has, etc. etc. My mom is the DON at a residential treatment facility for children.

    Both of my aunts (my mom's sisters) are nurses and have been for over 20 years, my mom for about 15. My uncle is a CRNA and completed his nursing degree and advanced practice through the air force.

    EVERYONE in my family has always encouraged me to become a nurse, either because they are one, or because they are married to one and wish that they were one. lol

    However, I can't really say that this has influenced my decision to go to nursing school. It wasn't until I was 14 and started volunteering at a Level II Trauma Center in the ER, MICU, SICU and other units that I knew I wanted to become a nurse. Hopefullly, I'm off to LVN school in the fall... *knocks on wood*
  4. by   nursingstudent1988
    My mother is practicing as a nurse, but she has her CPNP. I am currently in nursing school and my brother, who is 25 and has a wife and child, is in nursing school to be a nursing dad.

    I actually plan on encouraging my future kids to become nurses.
  5. by   rlgiv
    I am an ER nurse. MY dad is an ER nurse after I convinced him that ER is beter than PACU. My mom is a nurse. My dads sister is a nurse. My moms sister is a nurse. My grandmother is a nurse. My great grandfather was a pioneer doctor in West Texas. Last but not least my Great-Great Grandfather was a surgeon in the First Texas Infantry during the Civil War. Ironicaly his son was the commander of the First Texas at the same time.

    Family is huge in the medical field. I also have two brothers one is a paramedic/firefighter and the other is a police. Not health field but in the ER we deal with them so much there part of the ER.

    I was actually an air traffic controller in the Army couldn't find a job in the area I wanted to live so went to college to become a nurse after my dad had tried talking me into it for years.
  6. by   kxvc
    My mom was a nurse in our native country. She met her 1st husband, my father, while she was in NS and he was in med school.

    Mom's love of nursing must have impacted her 2nd husband, my nightmare for 13yrs, so much that he pursued his RN, and amazingly got it...even more amazingly the man still has his licence.

    Mom (a CNA in this country) and I did pre-reqs for nursing together. I finished first because some of my HS AP courses were accepted. I am now almost done with block 2 and mom will be ready to apply by next yr! It will be my pleasure to help her through.
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    A co-worker is a nurse who just got out from the Army (was a nurse/medic)... said he was inspired by his Dad (who is also a nurse)
  8. by   XB9S
    Not my dad but my grampy was a nurse in the british army for years.
  9. by   cgun101
    i work in the ER and my dad worked in psych but he's retired now. I have 2 sisters that are nurses as well i became a nurse for my own personal reasons though
  10. by   clozad1
    Yeah my dad is a home health nurse with his own home health agency. My brother and I actually just graduated this year in the same nursing program. I personally know a lot of people whose parents and children are nurses.
  11. by   FullMoon21
    i'm actually in the process right now of enrolling in nursing school. my father is a crna and my mother does home health nursing. They both love it. I'm really looking forward to being a nurse.
  12. by   d4nNY
    It must be awesome having 2 parents to ask questions too and concerns at anytime you need. After all that's what parents are for anyway, but you have a heads-up on everything! lucky