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  • May 3

    Hi. I left unit to use the bathroom and the hallway reeked of pot. Two people were waiting to be buzzed out. I hadn't met them so I didn't know who they were visiting.
    So I went into the bathroom, but couldn't stay because the odor of pot was intense.
    I went to report it to the charge nurse and the nurse that was taking care of the visitors baby said It's ok, I took care of everything. Meaning she asked them to leave because of the second hand smoke.
    Now the charge nurse did nothing and the staff started to tease me about knowing what pot smells like. But nothing was ever done or documented.
    My question is what would you have done?
    I think I would have called security to document the smell in the bathroom. Most all the nurses say our security is useless.
    Why do we enable visitors to do the wrong thing in the name of family friendly units? Why does no one care?
    Just wondering what other charge nurses would do.

  • May 2

    Hi Klone. To clarify it was a father and his male visitor. They smoked in the NICU bathroom, stunk up the entire hallway. I couldn't use the bathroom because of all the smoke.
    I would have had them detained by security for a little talk. Sometimes a security guard has some clout, I don't know, appeal to authority maybe. I don't have the answers, but what I don't like is the attitude of oh well what are you going to do.
    That's enabling.
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