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    Hello! I️ am a nurse that doesn't venture into this forum. My home is in the PACU. My best friend, (also a nurse), just got diagnosed with this cancer. I️ understand it is approx 4+ cm already. Everything I'm reading says it is very rare, usually requires lumpectomy or mastectomy and sometimes radiation. It looks that these tumors are very unpredictable, but the prognosis looks good. Does anyone have firsthand knowledge of anything else we can look into, experiences, etc ? We're having trouble finding specialists.

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    I remember 2 things only from that day.

    Using sign language for the word 'more' when they took out my IV. I couldn't open my eyes, but I knew I wanted the good stuff to last longer.
    Vaguely remember my husband getting out of the car to go into the drugstore on our way home for my scripts. I stayed sleeping in the car.
    That's it. Great day.

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    What do you have so far?

    Off the top of my head....
    Consent done and CORRECT (90% of our come down incomplete or just wrong)
    Current labs printed and on the chart
    Extra stickers
    Allergy band ON patient

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    I did hair for 10 years. I was very good and do miss it on my bad days.

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    I've done this before. All I did was call my manager and told her and it was not a big deal at all. I returned it when it was time for my next shift. Everything was accounted for and it was no problem.

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    I've worked nights for 5 years. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

    Whoever thinks that 1430 (only) is an okay time for a mandatory meeting is nuts. Try asking your daylight crew to come in at 0230 for the same meeting. I'm sure that wouldn't fly. I could gripe about this subject till I lost my voice.

    Our manager holds our monthly meetings at 0730 and another at 1430. You pick which you can make. But, same as someone mentioned, some just don't go to any meetings. Our raise every year depends on 90% attended.

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    because of my endless prodding.

    My 50 y.o. uncle. Jolly, very charismatic, handsome, huge heart, always been so good to me and our whole family. Addict.

    Has abused alcohol, drugs my whole life. A very functional addict.
    Was looking VERY ill when I saw him in August. I knew something was very wrong. (I live across the country from my family)

    Diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis, pancreatitis, Hep C, large mass, and now pancreatic CA. His physicians have told him that there is nothing left to do. He can go back to drinking for his last days.
    We have a pretty tight family. Everyone is devastated. Including him.

    I talked to my mom and she is pushing for hospice with the MD's and the rest of the family. I think everything should be set within the next week or so. Thank goodness.

    He has lost 62 pounds very rapidly. (2 months) He's about 6 feet and now weighs 140. I just saw a pic of him and it broke my heart. It won't be long now. He has the 'look'

    I know every patient and family's needs are different, but what can we expect for his hospice care/last days? How can we help?

    I am a critical care nurse. It's another world when it is your family.

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    Our best one has another position in our hospital. She does our payroll now. Things she did that we miss like crazy that the newer ones are not doing:

    -Screen our phone calls. If we are in report, she absolutely would NOT put a family member/friend through to us. She would say "They are in report/assessing/(whatever we were doing), you may call back in after 8" Period. If we were in a pt's room, she would come ask us "So and so is on the phone, would you like me to have them call you back in 30 minutes or can you talk?"

    -Was the LEADER in sticking to the visiting hours. No ONE got past her.
    We allow pretty open visiting except during report. 6-8 no visiting. She would sweep all the rooms at 6 and make everyone leave. And say "You may come back after 8"

    -A good/bad US can make or break your day. I learned very quickly to take care of mine, cause they sure as all hell take care of me.:heartbeat

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    I've been in my CVICU for about 9 months now. (RN for 3 years)

    Staffing is changing-a few of our seasoned staff are going to days. That leaves us lower on the totem pole ready to step up and take on more.:uhoh21: I'm excited, but nervous at the same time.

    Anyway, I wanted to know of a good resource (book or online) that would help me prepare for this class. I want to go in already having a feeling that I know enough to take this on.
    Any suggestions?


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    My cousin started as a secretary (I think) and is now a CNA. She's been there for at least a couple years and loves it.:wink2:

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    We're in the same boat.
    I just called in tonight. I woke up this am with an earache and sore throat, feeling like a bus hit me.

    Went to my doc- throat culture said strep.
    I called in once last month because my son was sick, once the month before because I had strep then, too.
    So, three call ins. I've been there since August.
    I always go in extra when they call and need me.
    But I still feel really guilty.

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    I was right. I am more upset by this as the hours go on.

    I was supposed to work tonight, then a unit meeting in the morning. I still had a lot to say and was going to bring it up.

    Woke up this morning sick, went to my doc, I have strep. I called in sick tonight.

    I am not done with this. I got the vibe from my manager that *I* was being the troublemaker for not just doing whatever he wanted.

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    Well, I thought I was right.
    I talked to my manager this morning and she was reiterating that a pt. has a right to his chart. Period.
    And I said "Uh, a PATIENT, maybe, but not a family member"

    And even that doesn't sound right. They told us if we look up our OWN lab results or records, we'd be fired. She went off and told some obscure stories of what could happen if we see our lab results and attempt to diagnose ourselves and the MD goes along, and prescribes something and we have a bad reaction, and yada, yada, yada.

    So, anyway she said the patient could have the chart and decide who got to see it. Fine, but even then, we didn't get that far. He was too busy throwing his weight around.

    I don't think I'm seeing clearly. I think I'm gonna wake up a lot more upset than I am now.:icon_roll

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    I will try to shorten this long story.

    Pt. in hospital has many family members that are physicians. Family member A. (MD)is raising holy hell every time he comes around. Is back *in* the nurses station demanding pt.'s chart be handed to him. He is a family member, not a doc on the case. Treating everyone in his path with disrespect and talking down to all of us. He threatened another MD "I'll fry your ass if anything happens" to said family member.
    Management seems to side with this family member.

    I am not comfortable with handing over a pt.'s chart to anyone.
    I was very professional and accomodating when I told A. that I would try and help him, but I would need to go through the proper channels to make sure I could give him the chart.
    Next thing I know, he has MY house officer on HIS cell phone pushing it in my face. I get on and H.O. tells me to hand over the chart.

    Day 2-
    I requested not to have this pt. because I didn't want to deal with the tornado again. (BTW, the pt. is absolutely lovely)
    A. comes in and recognizes me and said "How's he doing?" I explained that I wasn't his nurse tonight, but I will go get the nurse for him. I was up and on my way to help when he said"Give me the chart" I said "I can't give you anything because I was not involved in his care last night, I'll get his nurse" He's mad now. He says "I don't need you, I'll get it myself" (in a very ugly tone)
    I get the nurse and he's on his way out to help.
    As I go back to what I was doing, A. steps up on me, like he was confronting me "Thank you SO much, you've been SO helpful, really I mean it, Thanks for everything" In a much louder and forceful uglier tone this time.

    What is the law? My manager said I am the first one to not hand it over, that is why I'm making them so mad.

    I say, regardless of the rights and wrongs, I am allowed to question it, and I should NOT be subjected to that.
    I should be able to go to work and expect to not be bullied or harrassed by anyone. And if I am, I think my managers should back me up.

    Just needed to vent. What is the rule?

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    West Nile Virus.

    You always hear about these things, but to see it in your own community was unsettling.