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Hello!   I applied and am continuing the interview process at an endo center near me.   Appears to be a great place to work with lots of support.   Half md owned, half hospital owned.   They state the starting pay is $30/hr.    No call, no weekends, no holidays   Out no later than 5:30pm every day.  
As a Bedside RN down the road  in PACU I made $37 and change and I was close to the top of the pay scale.   I have my BSN and I’ve been a nurse for 17 years.   ICU, PACU, GI lab.   Have been traveling the last year and I made triple that amount.   
What is a fair asking wage at this type of facility?    

What is shameful is I have also been bartending and bussing tables at my husband’s restaurant and I average $50/hr.    $130/ hr last night 🤦🏻‍♀️


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Endo centers are pretty chill. PACU is more complicated and stressful and bussing tables is way harder. All those pay scales sound about right if stress and 'at task' workload/effort are the variable. Education/training are different issues and in the end, real world compensation is based on the actual hands on work we do relative to the demand for it, people's willingness to pay and what others are paid for doing the same job. 

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