Facility leaves J loop open to air

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Please help me.  I've been a nurse for too long.   I have never seen this and need direction to basic research regarding this.   I think I'm having so much trouble finding ANYTHING is because this is unheard of.   
I can't say too much about the facility but they do procedures under local anesthesia and we place IV's just in case.   They place the IV, J-loop, then close the locking mechanism and the end is just open.   There is no cap on the end.   

Is this acceptable by any stretch of the imagination?    I say hell to the no.  



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Just brief outpatient procedures? The patient has the IV in for a few hours tops? Extremely tacky on it's face and just putting a cap on it wouldn't take 2 seconds to do, but odds of infection are extremely low, so is unrecognized meaningful blood loss. Is there a practical reason they do this for the procedural process that you may  not be aware of? Very strange but just put a cap on when they get to you and be done with it. It's not on you. If they direct you to not do that, leave. Or make a huge stink about it and be listened to or be asked to leave...your call. 

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