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    can this site increase the chance of phlebitis since it is closer to the heart?

    can we put the IV site on the lower extremities such foot or leg for the elderly?

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    thanx for your reply. I found the brachial superficial vein is good to access, i just wonder if it will increase the phlebitis?

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    I am a new grad and just put my first IV into the real pt. I careful use the #22 cath into th forearm vein. the vein was distended very well. However when I tried to draw the blood back to confirm that I am in. there was nothing.

    I only tried to pull the syringe a little bit. Do I need pull a little bit harder?

    Does the length of the cath inside the vein matters?

    very confused and thanks for any input!

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    yesterday I tried my first Iv insertion, I thought I put the right place and in to the vein, however when I use the syringe to draw the blood back , there was nothing. Can any body help me to figure out the reason?

    does the length of the cathere insider the vein matters or not?

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    if the DNR res lost of the signs of life, how can we do? should we still try everything except cpr , or should we just call the family w/o doing anthing and let the res go?

    do we need call the ambulate if we think it is life-threating and we can not handle in the nursing home?

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    DO you get your EDA card already? I am at the same boat as you. my attorney send my visa bill with the application for 140,485 together to NVC week ago.

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    is there any change regarding the mailing address of the i765?

    my attorney said it now change to the chicago,( we belong to vermont center). however I check the website of the ins and only the family-based need to be file to chicago, not employer-based applicants!

    pls give me any suggestion. I can not dependent on this sucking attorney any more.:angryfire

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    my attorny just filed my application at the end of last week using DHL. The INS will soppose to receive it by the next monday 10:30 am.

    How long will it take for me to get the receipt number?

    I called the INS and they said it could take 30 d! if that is true, I won't get my receipt number by the end of dec. .

    Since for the vermont center my attorney said I can't file my EDA application until I get the letter regarding my receipt number because he have to send my EDA application to Chicago center instead of vermont service center.

    If I can not receive the recipt number by end of dec, is that mean my case will be consider as the Jan.2005 case and can not get the EDA any more?

    very upset and anxious, appreciate any input here!

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    can anybody experience that the bed alarm doesn't ring even it is on? I know two cases already in my shift!

    when I check the light of the alarm, it flash, which mean it is on. However the resident get up from the bed and the alarm didn't ring?

    can we figue out some reasons?

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    I am a new nurse and have a funny new coworker. she is very interested about other person's private info. For me she got my phone number and give a more a lot of call firstly. recently she got my date of birth and called me at my birthday! she ruin my private life.:angryfire she is lying to me that she got my DOB from the website!

    it is okay to cheer for my birthday, thankful if she really think so.

    However we are not the same persons of kinds. she always offer me the misunderstanding, wrong and sometimes lie to me! I know some girls have the same feeling about her.

    How can I deal with such kind of person?


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    If the pt does not need to be drawn the blood, do u still use the pigtail tube and syring to back the blood to the end of the tube?

    Quote from flaerman

    I work in a very busy 31 bed ER, here we start IV's on about 80-90% of our patients(all abd pain workups, chest pain, pedi febrile seizures, kidney stones,
    MI's and CVA's etc will require an IV access, bloodwork, usually some type of IVF or meds). Basically what I do is to find and access the vein with the IV catheter, hold pressure over the vein, disconnect the needle and place a pigtail tubing on the catheter hub, back flow blood to the end of the pigtail and attach the vacutainer to draw blood, once blood done release the tourniquet, cap the tail if only used as a heplock or if IVF's are ordered then just attach the(already primed)IV tubing hub to hub onto the pigtail and open the roller clamp to infuse the fluids. On peds we start the IV, attach the pigtail and then usually attach a syringe for drawing the blood(esp on babies and young children) since we are drawing less blood and using smaller catheters too, then either flush or run fluids depending on the order. Hope this helps..... :hatparty: flaerman

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    As I remeber our country nurse connect the catheter with the IV tube before stick the pt. befor the poke the nurse will let the med run and expell th air in the tube and CATHETER. last week when I saw what happen at hospital, a nurse poke the pt hand vein using butterfly catheter firstly, when the blood return, she connect the tube, so the air insider the tube will definitly go into the pt body even if the amount is too small to fatal.

    what is your procedure and sequence to start IV?

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    Hi, buddy, I am a foreign nurse and would like work at the med/surg unit. I am kind of scared because I never have any experience of the USA hospital. When I hunt the job,most of hospital only have 6 ws orientation, which I think it is too short and harsh. I could choose work at the nursing home, however, I do want to get the experience at the acute care. Do the nurse also need arrange the surgical equipment and deliver them to the surgeon? Any advise will be helpful.

    Or if I choose work at a small hospital or the rural hospital instead of the busy one will be safer?

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Your credentials, such as your nursing transcripts are verified. Have you taken the appropriate English exams? As long as you completed a four year program, and have apssed the English exams you should have no problem....
    The US law requires that you are called a "professional nurse" in your country.
    It is up to each state whether they will accept your credentials......
    My nursing program is three years. is it still ok? thanks a lot! I am not licensured because I left for USA once I graduate, (one month later!) also, my diploma give me the right to practice as a nurse for one year after graduation. If I have the USA license, and pass the English test, which indicate the I can practice here and also meet the education requirement, why still need my own country license, which is for the nurse to practice there?! Pls advise!

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    Quote from suzanne4
    Unless she is already at least an LPN, it will be of no use. They offer a bridge program that is accepted. This program is not going to be of any use to her and she will not meet the requirements for admission. Sorry.........
    Surperised is that she was accepted based on her medical assistant certificate AND her nursing education in her country.

    After get the degree, can her meet the requirement of the visa screen?