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I am a new nurse and have a funny new coworker. she is very interested about other person's private info. For me she got my phone number and give a more a lot of call firstly.:o recently she got my date of birth and called me at my birthday! she ruin my private life.:angryfire she is lying to me that she got my DOB from the website!

it is okay to cheer for my birthday, thankful if she really think so.:rotfl:

However we are not the same persons of kinds. she always offer me the misunderstanding, wrong and sometimes lie to me! I know some girls have the same feeling about her.

How can I deal with such kind of person?:uhoh3:



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your post is difficult to understand but your DOB is on your profile I looked and got this November 27, 1981


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bfx, how did she get your phone number and date of birth? Apparently you did not give her the information, is that correct? If you did not give her the information, and really don't want all this attention from her, in my opinion, you just need to tell her that you feel she is getting too friendly too quickly, and you would prefer her not to call you.

Sounds like others are not too fond of her either. Perhaps she has problems making or keeping friends and she is only trying to be friendly. Or maybe she is just not a very nice person but think you will have to be blunt in telling her to leave you alone. Good luck :)

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I could also find your DOB. As far as your phone number don't know. But sit down talk with her and be honest. Tell her about her ways and why you don't want to be associated with her. Honesty is the best policy.


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