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yesterday I tried my first Iv insertion, I thought I put the right place and in to the vein, however when I use the syringe to draw the blood back , there was nothing. Can any body help me to figure out the reason?

does the length of the cathere insider the vein matters or not?:coollook:

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Could be a number of reasons. The catheter may have been up next to the wall of the vein. Could be the vein was collapsing when you tried to aspirate. Could be it wasnt in the vein at all. Did it flush ok, without resistance? Could you palpate a bleb at the end of the catheter while you were flushing the site? Was there actually a good blood return in the stylete when you stuck, or was sit just a little flash and you tried to advance it? There are a lot of measurables here and noone can be sure.

Just make sure you have good blood return in the stylette before you try to advance. You can always start fluids and watch the site closely for infiltration. Just dont try to put any medication through it until you are sure its where its supposed to be.


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thanx for your reply. I found the brachial superficial vein is good to access, i just wonder if it will increase the phlebitis?

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Why should you be getting a phlebitis? Not sure that I understand your question.

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