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    Quote from tyvin
    Troll alert! Do you really believe any of us "Nurses" would believe everything you just wrote? I suggest studying more often; idle hands and all that stuff ...
    I really don't care what you believe, especially calling me a troll.

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    I know this has been discussed here several times and I thought I would add my opinion. I am currently in a program that has class and clinical all year. It is a great program that allows you to earn your BSN on a part time basis, (2-3 days a week). As my first clinical approached, I couldn't help but to think about all of the horror stories I have heard. Now that I have a little time under my belt, I felt it necessary to write something in defense of the nurse.
    When you are in a clinical environment, you can't help but notice all of the responsibility and work that nurses are faced with on a daily basis. Yes, some of the nurses working there did not want anything to do with the students. However, I was fine with it. They gave us the courtesy of letting us know in one way or another how they felt. I did not think that was horrible at all; not everyone has the patience to teach new people. I would rather know right up front how someone feels.
    I may get flamed by my fellow students but, most of the "eating their young" interactions I have noticed was brought on by the students. Picture this: A patient suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, experiencing command hallucinations. The student asks the nurse something like,"What skills have you lost being a psych nurse?" Same nurse dealing with a different patient and student is asked," Is it true that anesthetists make $120,000/yr? That is what I am going to do, so none of this stuff is really that important." "Will someone hire me if I go to grad school with no experience?" I saved the best for last..."I have a tough time because I am sooooo good looking..." Sorry for being critical of my fellow students. I know there are some nurses who can be nasty but, every case I have seen of someone "eating their young" was brought on by one of my fellow students frustrating a nurse that was trying to teach them something for the here and now. Half the class is serious and half the class interrupts, makes statements similar, if not identical to the ones listed above, (In many cases, right in front of the patient), or acts like a know-it-all. In conclusion, we have to remember we are there to learn and ask appropriate questions. I hope everyone can see where I am coming from. Take care and have a great day, Frank.

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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I am looking forward to med-surg. I have a little while to go, I am only in my second year of college. I spent time shadowing a lot of nurses and decided that when I graduate med-surg is for me. Out of all the specialties that I have shadowed and asked questions about, I think this specialty will afford me with the greatest opportunity to learn several different and challenging skills. What I find odd is that I am the only one in my class that has any interest in this area. Everyone I talk to is trying to be an anesthetist. Any advice on skills I can work on now? Thank you for your time, Frank.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I'll follow all your advice.

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    Quote from JonB04
    You took both in the summer and got an A woah what was your gpa in high school
    Ha ha, thanks for the reply. I graduated high school 21 years ago.

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    Hello everyone, its been a while since I posted. Monday back at, school the summer was short! I have a question or concern. I took a&p I and II over the summer and ended up with an A. This might sound weird, but with the fall semester around the corner, I feel like I forgot almost everything that I learned. Did anyone else out there feel that way? Can anyone recommend a good book to refresh myself and stay on top of things?

    I might be worried for nothing, this new direction is important to me & at my age and I just want to stay on top of things. Thank you for your time, Frank.

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    Quote from Antonia Kelly
    Your little boy is sooooo lucky to have you for a mother....he will REAP the benefits of your efforts: having a 'personal nurse', a happy mom, and (trust me on this--I've raised two children while working two jobs---both graduated from college, are happy and one recently married and is expecting her first child), he won't remember the times you weren't there---as long as the times that you ARE there with him is spent WITH him. Also, what you are striving for (completing your nursing studies and becoming a nurse) benefits everyone....thank you for this opportunity to respond.

    Thank you and everyone else for the wonderful comments. I'm actually the dad though . I'm so glad I found this place to come to and vent. Thank you for all your support, Frank.

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    Quote from alippin
    I also have two children and this is how I look at it. You are doing something to help your family and become a better person. This intense schooling period is only temporary and in a few years it will be all worth it. I sat my kids down and talked to them and said that I will be studying a lot, as in every day for many hours. I told them it is only for 2 years and then mommy will be a nurse. They understand and know its important. I do try to make one day a week for fun time to do something special for them. Many times this is just a day at the pool or taking them to the park while I listen to lectures on my headphones. I also make plenty of cuddle time on the couch while I study and they are near me. Even these small things they really appreciate and feel like I am around.

    You can make sure to include times like this and kids really seem to appreciate the small stuff. Tell them up front that you will most likely have books around you or in your hands constantly but you need to or you can't finish school. Mine are already proudly telling people "my mommy is going to be a nurse." Maybe also telling your 5 year old why it is important you do this and how you will be helping many people in the hospital etc. I know personally if I don't get this time with them I start to feel the guilt creep in so I try to get as many cuddle times as I can. At night if I am studying late, I just move things to my bed to read and let mine stay up late to watch TV by me or read a book. I think being able to do both things at the same ease the guilt and make them feel important. Maybe mark dates on the calendar for special times they can look forward to that you spend one on one time with your kid and let them pick the place.
    Thank you. I going to use some of your suggestions. Frank

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    I put my five year old son to sleep and he asked me about my old job. I asked him why he was interested, then my heart broke. He put his lip out and started to tear and told me he missed playing with me. I am in my second year of nursing school, currently talking A&PI and II over the summer break. It's really condensed, four weeks each. So I have been practically living there trying to learn so much in such a little amount of time. I don't know, this is something I really want to do, I hope its worth the strain I'm putting on my family. It really got to me seeing my little boy so sad. I told him that I would make it up to him as soon as this summer course is over. Sorry for my rambling, just down in the dumps and needed to vent. Frank.

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    Normally I try to stay out of topics such as this, however, I thought I would give my opinion on this law. I actually read a copy and I don't see anything wrong with it. The law was carefully written to mirror the existing federal law. People are frustrated the our borders are wide open. For me, it is not about race, it's about people breaking the law. These people breaking the law are literally draining the social services in some areas. These services should be for American citizens. Anyway, back to the law. The way I understood it is the police can not randomly pull people over and ask "for their papers". In the performance of their duties if they have reasonable suspicion that you are an illegal immigrant, they can ask you for proof of your citizenship. If you ask me, I say about time.

    By the way, if anyone thinks that law is harsh, Google Mexico's law concerning immigration. It is a felony punishable with up to two years in prison. Worse yet, Google Amnesty International's report how they treat illegal immigrants on their southern border.

    By the way, I know this is a touchy subject. Some people who support tougher immigration laws are unfairly branded as racist. I support tougher immigration laws and happen to be in a small minority group my self. I am of Cherokee descent, I have more than enough "blood" to live on a reservation.

    Anyway, I'm starting to ramble, I'll stop here. Frank.

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    Quote from TigerGalLE
    Who are these "know it all" nurses that frequent this forum? Are you here just to drive me crazy? I hate that we are no longer allowed to vent about our bad day or complain about annoying patients. Heaven forbid we say something negative or we will be labeled as "heartless" and "unprofessional." Are these people who know everything really nurses? Do they really deal with the public day in and day out like I do?

    Sometimes patients need to be put in their place. That doesn't make me a bad nurse for telling them so. Yes I do have negative thoughts about my non compliant patient who doesn't have insurance and frequents my hospital 4 times a week for the same thing. Yes, getting your prescription filled and taking your medicine would save everyone a lot of time and headache... Whoops maybe I shouldn't have said that... that makes me a "complainer" and "uncaring." I guess I AM "what is wrong with nursing today."

    And heaven forbid I wear my Tom and Jerry scrub top to work.. That makes me "brainless."

    I bet now I will be labeled "cruel" or "harsh" for starting this "hateful" thread.

    Oh and I better not use too many smileys!!

    If may be this forward, it is Nurses such as your self that inspired me to become a nurse. (I am not a nurse yet...still a student) Though it was a tragic event that led me down this path, it was people with real feelings and frustrations, and intelligence that was the final factor I used to make my decision. I can be a little rough around the edges, from being in the military and then law enforcement, so it was refreshing to know that you don't have to feel guilty for venting about your job or people for that matter. I don't have a lot of time, (I have class in 10 minutes), so I hope I made my point clear enough. Frank.

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    Quote from mell260
    Does anyone know how competitive the program is? Also, does the faculty seem to be concerned with how the students do?
    The program can be really competitive. (I think there are 50-55 seats for each freshman class.) Most of the staff are concerned to some degree and will help a student who asks. I am finishing up my first year in a few weeks, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Frank.

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    Quote from Ted D
    So do most students live in the dorms then? I did a search for apartments in Dallas and only saw one place??? Do people live in Wilkes-Barre and commute? Or is there a closer "large" town

    Appreciate the info!
    There are lots of students who commute. Wilkes-Barre area is close and can be reasonable. Check Wilkes-Barre, Plains, Kingston. I live in Scranton so it is a decent drive for me. (35 min) But I have a house, wife, kids. Hope this helps. I really like the school and the area. Any other questions let me know.

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    Housing can be a little limited around the University. (unless you dorm on campus) If you get an apartment in the towns near the University things open up quite a bit. They can be reasonable. Let me know if you need anything, good luck. I almost forgot, classes so far have been pretty small. I think the largest class I have is about 35 students.

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    I am in their full time traditional nursing program. I'm not that far along and everything I heard has been positive. The little that I have seen has been great. I am an adult student and was a little concerned taking the traditional route but they have been absolutely fantastic. I recommend it. Let me know if you have any questions.