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    Hello !
    I have been working as an Endocrinology NP after 3 years as an FNP. I work with 5 endocrinologists (MDs) and rotate between 3 offices. They pretty much let me see everything and escalate care as needed while still being available for any questions i may have. Quite a supportive environment. The thing is that they have never worked with an NP before so they are vacillating on what patients i can or cannot see, and what degree of autonomy i should have. BTW this is a huge hospital organization (Central and SW Ohio) and i am the only Endo NP in here!!

    Are there organizations specific to Endo NPs that i could join in order to compare notes ?

    I am working towards my BC-ADM certification this year...any other recommendations?

    Would appreciate any insight


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    I am hoping you all can help me with some information gathering and perspectives on the forum. I am a US citizen and US educated FNP wanting to move to Canada. I have been an FNP for almost two years now. What is the process for becoming registered as an FNP in canada and the job prospects in the toronto/ontario area. Please guide and advise!

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    I am looking for more information regarding the FNP role in the Canadian healthcare setting. I am currently a US citizen but interested in moving to Canada as I have plenty of family there but none here. I have my BSN, MSN and working towards becoming a diabetic educator in the next few months. I will complete 2 years in the FNP role this December. My nursing experience is in the ICU step down area (5 years).
    My questions, if some one would be kind enough to answer them:
    1. What would be a good area to move to ? I have saved up a bit so would like to move where I can make some real estate investments ( rentals etc) and also work in a family practice setting

    2. What is the licensing process like and what is a reliable source of information for the application process

    3. How much do FNPs make and what is the variation between provinces?

    4. How hard is it to find jobs in big city areas like Toronto? I am a single mom and somewhat worried about being in a rural area in a new country, but am prepared to do what it takes.

    5. Do all NPs have physician collaborators or is there any autonomy in practice any where?

    6. What are other options for NPs as far as work settings are concerned?

    I think thats quite enough Qs for now...hopefully some one will respond!

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    Hi everybody !
    I have just started the process of getting my license in Texas I hold an Ohio RN license ..I have applied and paid the licensing fee and submitted my application online
    I was wondering since I am a non Texas resident, where do I go for the fingerprinting and how do I get the fingerprint card?

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    I am graduating from my Ohio FNP program in December,but my husband has already had to move to TX for employment purposes. what is the best and quickest route to get my license once I graduate?

    Get a TX RN by endorsement (i dont think they are compact states, but will check)now while I have time to process it and then apply for NP in TX,

    Get my Ohio NP license after I graduate and then apply for endorsement of my NP license in TX, and maintain NP licenses of both states

    Does it even work like that? Also does what all does an NP need to have (DEA# etc) in order to practice in TX?

    Anyone who has gone through with this please advise... Super Excited to have come this far, but right now super confused too!!!
    thx !

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    Can anyone guide me to good resources for this practicum. It has to be on the floor of a med surg unit and is more of a holistic approach to mental health nursing rather than specific health issues in mental health. Any ideas? I would be very grateful for all/any suggestions

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    Hi Adenium,
    Thanks for getting back to me on this question. You are lucky that you even have a project to do this on...we really are not even addressing this in our program going by what recent grads have said on this topic. One f/u question if you dont mind: what is the state DPH site? is this also applicable to OH? I googled but could not locate it


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    Hello all!
    I am planning to do my capstone project on different NP Practice models and with a focus on an independent practice model for NPs in OH.

    I am looking to collect information and conduct both primary and secondary research on this topic starting now.....

    I would really really appreciate any feedback from any and everyone who is aware of an NP practicing independently ...and who may perhaps be up for a short interview or just for her insight on this model and how it will likely evolve within the scope of the affordable care act.

    Also, even if you don't know anyone but would like to share your opinion or experience I would really welcome that too!

    thanks in advance!!

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    Hello all,
    I am getting ready to begin the final term of my NP program (gulp!) and wanting to find out as much as i can about what i need to be aware of when i pass that bridge!

    I have been reviewing for my certification exam, and will probably go for the AANP.. no particular reason but just cuz the rest of my study buddies are doing it too.

    Anyhow i started this thread to ask about what else i need to know...for practicing in OH and TX as I expect to be moving within an year or two of graduation from OH to TX.

    What else ? I have read about NPI and DEA number applications...are these only done after I get a job? What about malpractice insurance? What else do I need to know?

    Can anyone point me to a good comprehensive source of information for this sort of thing? I did not find much on the BON website

    Thanks in advance!!

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    I am an FNP student and am due to graduate in December. I wanted to know what, if anything,I can do to streamline the process of taking a certification exam (not sure which one but most likely the AANP).

    Also, our school is woefully short on not doing things until the last minute, so i thought i would start asking around.

    The AANP bulletin states that as long as our course work is 'up to date' and we have completed atleast 500 clinical hours we may sit for the test.

    Is it possible to sit for the test before completion of the MSN ?

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    I have been following all the SJ posts for a while now as I wrap up my BSN (hopefully in May), and be eligible for the July review. I understand that some of the poster here have been in the program for almost an year...what has yr experience been and what is their current accreditation status ?
    With some posters ready to graduate this year does this mean they now become accredited?

    I was wondering what is the requirement for/deal with workshops and what are the hybrid courses at SCJME?
    And who is a good person to correspond with at SJ...the person I communicate with is sporadic at times in his replies, is there anyone else? Would appreciate a PM if anyone has a name of person and an email to be in touch with..

    Please guide and advise...getting nervous about it all as the time draws near ...

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    Passed my PCCN recently although just barely. It felt like it was 90% cardio and resp and ABG calculations, although that was probably not the case. I rushed through prep and my resources were a PCCN qbook, some free to use online reviews and questions, borrowed another qbank from a friend who is also prepping, and having recently completed our in house critical care class.
    Definitely something you should study for, and well.
    How does it help: well our place is heading towards magnet status and they are pushing for us to get our certifications, so it earned brownie points there. Plus if i relocate from here, its aother way of saying i knew what i was supposed to for this level of care (i work in icu step down/tele)

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    my mentor told me that they had the highest # of ppl starting this month 2300!! (across all disciplines ofcourse!)

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    Excited about starting but not about my tranfer credit eval: not happy about it
    Need to do 7 electives before i can even get to the nursing course

    These are the ones i have to do:

    Dear WGU gurus please tell me they will go by quickly: the one i am most worried about is the QLC1..i was hoping my stats would over me for all requirements (wishful thinking i know)...oh well!
    Would love to hear what any or all of them # of papers, mcqs etc, and any helpful tips or resources for making them go faster, smoother...i have noticed quite a few of us are starting tomorrow and maybe it will be useful info for all of us