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    Thanks Petgroomer, do you know if your friend has to go to the university to some classes. that seems like a pain

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    I noticed that Algonquin college's BscN program is still open while most other colleges have closed their admissions. has anyone gone to Algonquin college. Is it a nice campus and is their nursing program good

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    I writing on behalf of my daughter. She was accepted at Brockville campus of St Lawrence College for the Nursing degree program. She really wishes to go to the Kingston campus. Unfortunately she is waitlisted there. Does any one know the cut off marks to enter these programs. The college will not give this information out. She may go back to high school to bump up her marks. She is currently a 79 average. The pre health Bsc course offered does not have any bearing to get you into the program next year so she has ruled that out. The college also told us that transfers are not as likely as people image.