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    I declined the position, which in hindsight, was stupid on my part. Those kind of positions don't come around very long. Totally messed up by letting that opportunity pass me by. UGH.

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    Congratulations!! I tested yesterday and the screen said "PASSED" too!! I can't wait to get the official word!

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    Livtek, where do you work? Are they hiring?

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    Hello! I passed my CCM exam recently and am hoping that will open up some doors to train for a company on site, and then work from home as a case manager. Ideally something with a little flexibility.

    My current credentials are RN, BSN, CCM, CHPN. I have a home office with high speed cable internet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on where to begin my job search? Thank you.

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    I hope to do well at the interview although I'm not thrilled at the idea of part time and 4 six hour shifts weekly. Prefer two or three 12 hour shifts but am excited at this entry level opportunity into PACU and hope the interview goes well.
    There seem to be very few position in PACU that open up at the hospital so it must be a good place to work.

    My experiences are in quite a few areas of nursing. Hospice and Palliative Care (Certified), Case Management (Sit for certification this April), Med/Surg Telemetry, and for the past year Corrections Nursing...
    I think my favorite was Med-Surg Telemetry simply because of the pace. The days would seem to pass quickly and there was always something to do.
    I have my BSN, BLS, ACLS. PALS is required in this position within a year. My husband is a BSN RN in the ER and has his PALS. He can help me through.

    Any helpful ideas for how to ace the interview would be greatly appreciated. I'm ready to be back in the hospital environment. (Except for the

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    Interviewed twice for newly created ER RN Case Manager and was called today and offered the job. Requires 3 twelve hour shifts weekly from 11A - 11P with every other weekend. This is a very, very busy ER. Not quite sure what day to day would look like or what expectations would be. Left message with HR today to find out rate of pay but haven't heard back. I'm honored and excited about this opportunity but am not thrilled about every other weekend since hubby works every third and nervous about a newly created position and the unknown. I desire to settle into a position and stay there for a very long time. Currently I work as a nursing program supervisor at a juvenile correctional facility and I love the job but am not happy with the hypercritical nurse administrator who does not like me and strives to make my life miserable and tear me down, despite a recent 100% exemplary audit, which is a first in my facilities history. I have to let them know tomorrow if I accept the position and am so afraid I'll make a bad choice.

    Any ideas on what this position might entail?
    Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

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    Hello! I work part time on a telemetry/medical-surgical unit at the local hospital. Part time is 2 scheduled 12 hours shifts per week. I have been in this position about 13 months. Prior to that I worked in Hospice for 4-5 years. First, as a triage on call nurse, then RN Case Manager, then Quality Manager. I returned to the hospital environment for the 12 hour shifts and part time work while I completed my BSN. I am finishing up my last BSN class now and wanted to keep the part time job but pick up an extra couple agency shifts a month.
    Couple questions -
    How do I find a reputable RN staffing agency?
    What does the process to become an agency nurse entail?
    How many shifts can I pick up on a regular basis?
    Would it be worth driving an hour each way to pick up a 12 hour shift 2-3 times a month from the perspective of income versus expense?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I am a member of HPNA also and will ditto what Elizabeth said.

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    I used "Study Guide for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse" -

    "Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse"

    I took the exam today and passed. It was a hard exam and I didn't pass by much, but it's over with for 4 years. Praise the Lord!!

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    Hello. I received my LPN in 2008, my Associates in Nursing in 2009. I also have an Associates in Science degree from 2001. I would love to obtain my BSN and eventually even my NP.
    During RN School I worked as an on call Hospice Nurse. After that I immediately became a Hospice RN Case Manager and have been doing that for 2 - 2.5 years. I will continue to work full time while I obtain my RN - BSN. My hours are usually Monday - Friday 8-5 but I almost always get overtime due to the nature of the job.

    Please tell me what program you are going through for your BSN or programs you have researched that were accredited and would recommend.

    Any suggestions and guidance will be greatly appreciated.
    I will likely go part time.

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    I am a Mom and a wife. I had 4 kids at home when I went to an accelerated LPN program. The program was very intense and only 17 graduated, but I was proud to be one of them. I went straight into an accelerated LPN-RN program after LPN School and I DID work full time as an LPN while in RN school and of course, still had 4 kids at home. I did have a very supportive husband who picked up the slack so I could succeed. I would never have made it through without his help with the house and the kids.
    Is it easy to work full time while going to school full time (I had 21-23 credit hours a semester)?? NO...not at all easy.
    Can it be done? Yes
    Will you remain sane? Maybe
    You will sacrifice sleep, time with your husband and kids.
    It can be worthwhile though.

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    I will be watching this thread also. Would love some ideas on where to look.

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    Our standard E-kit has an order for Roxanol 10-20 mg/ml SL/PO q1h PRN.
    It makes it much easier to control the pain/soa in a crisis without having to call the doctor. I always educate my families to try 0.50 ml initially and to see how that effects the patient. Sometimes they need to go up to 1.0 but we re-evaluate in 30 minutes to see the results of that initial dose.

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    I can't imagine not having an Emergency Kit (aka Comfort Kit). I find it frustrating enough that we have to wait until the next day to have our E-kit delivered after an admission when often times, patients are discharged from the hospital with no meds and no prescriptions and they have uncontrolled symptoms on Hospice Admission. It's very aggravating when having to drive all over town and sometimes to the Medical Directors home to get a signed script, drop if off at the pharmacy, and wait. Many times the Medical Director does not have his RX pad on him and a verbal order to a pharmacy will not work either. It burns my biscuits to have a patient suffer over red tape!

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    Wow. So amazing. I would be astounded, and indeed, comforted by such a revelation. Truly wish I could have witnessed that, if only to increase my conviction and testimony as a Christian so that when I comfort patients who are fearful of death and are Christian, I can relay to them the stories I myself have witnessed. Nothing that verbally clear before though. Thanks for sharing.