Offered ER Case Manager Job - don't know what to do


Interviewed twice for newly created ER RN Case Manager and was called today and offered the job. Requires 3 twelve hour shifts weekly from 11A - 11P with every other weekend. This is a very, very busy ER. Not quite sure what day to day would look like or what expectations would be. Left message with HR today to find out rate of pay but haven't heard back. I'm honored and excited about this opportunity but am not thrilled about every other weekend since hubby works every third and nervous about a newly created position and the unknown. I desire to settle into a position and stay there for a very long time. Currently I work as a nursing program supervisor at a juvenile correctional facility and I love the job but am not happy with the hypercritical nurse administrator who does not like me and strives to make my life miserable and tear me down, despite a recent 100% exemplary audit, which is a first in my facilities history. I have to let them know tomorrow if I accept the position and am so afraid I'll make a bad choice.

Any ideas on what this position might entail?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

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Have you started working? If so, how do you like it? I originally missed this post but if I had responded I would have pointed to two past threads.

Hopefully everything is going well. :) BTW, I envy your 3-12s, but not your shift... You will not get a break.... Good luck!

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I declined the position, which in hindsight, was stupid on my part. Those kind of positions don't come around very long. Totally messed up by letting that opportunity pass me by. UGH.