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Medical terminology with a full load?


I'm planning my classes for next term, and I was wondering what you all thought of medical terminology in terms of how time consuming it was and how difficult it was. I'm pretty good with words and memorization; do you think it's doable with a full course load? The class I'm thinking of taking is 1 credit, online, and is ~15 weeks long. I'd like to get it out of the way, as I'm getting very close to being done with pre-reqs and I'd hate to have one class left to do before I apply and have it be ONE STINKIN' CREDIT and have to wait a whole 'nother year to apply!

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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If you've had Anatomy it's an easy A. This class usually designed for non-nursing majors or those entering into the healthcare field. You shouldn't have any problem. Good luck

I haven't yet had anatomy, though I have had physiology. I'm glad you think it's doable!

med term was the last class I took and although it was not hard it was a lot more work than I anticipated. I literally made over 1000 flashcards. If you are good at memorization its easy. My class was 8 weeks and it was about 150 words per week we were tested on every week. Id take it early and get it over with becuase I took it after bio1, bio2, ap1, ap2, micro, etc; so it was incredibly boring.

I do plan to devote a fair amount of time to it. This semester will be my first time taking online classes--I am taking 2 online plus some in person, too. I am thinking that I would just devote one whole day (ie Saturday) to studying medical terminology, but I don't know anything about online classes so I have no idea if that is feasible.

I'm taking Medical Terminology online through my community college and am getting an A...but this is all I'm taking right now. The book the instructor had us buy has pre made flash cards and audio/practice test/exercises included. It's awesome and I think that's why I'm doing so well. I love it too!!

I'm taking it now, online....it's 3 credits. It is not required for my nursing program, I just needed and extra class and thought it might be helpful for nursing. Really I agree taking it after A&P (am taking it same time as A&P 2) makes it really easy. It is a lot of flash cards....though I think it forced me into study habits I am not used to which will be a good thing for nursing school. It definitly is aimed for people going into medical billing and such, who will never take and A&P class, but the learning the roots, prefixes and suffixes and how the words breakdown is definitly helpful even with the A&P, but more with the nursing. Plus helps with spelling and pronunciations of words, and learn abriviations too.

I actually have a test I have to take either today or tommorow......on blood, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and immunity, and resprirtory system. Should be easy as My last 3 chapters in A&P have been blood cardiovascular, lymphatic, and am currently doing respiratory :lol2:

And online classes are much different then being in class. They can be much harder.....especially if you are used to having GOOD teachers. You have to teach your self. You have to stay on top of the reading and studying. It is pretty much self taught and then you take the test. If you you think you can manage that and put the time asside for them then they can work fine. But you cant assume they take LESS time then normal classes (not saying you are, but many people do) because you have to both teach it to yourself, as you would learn in class, which may actually take longer then in class, as a good teacher would already know the material and know how to efficiantly teach it to you, and then you have to study and reveiw just as you would do outside of class. It is easier to schedual then on campus classes, and you dont have the commute, but you do have to put the time asside for each class.....if you dont its too easy to get behind.

I am not trying to discourage you, just letting you know you do have to be strict with yourself about staying on top of online classes.....no one else is there to make you. They are doable, but for some people's personality, they may not be. I have been taking half of my classes online since I have been back in school......and gotten 1 Bs and the rest As.....but online classes definitly been a lot of work

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SUPER SUPER easy class... it can done with a full load. And I don't agree that you should have A&P to take it.. easiest class ever.


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It's definitely doable - med term is VERY straightforward and once you learn most of the prefixes & suffixes, it's so easy to figure out what things mean. I took it just because I needed credits to be fulltime, but it has helped me so much in Patho & Pharm and a bunch of people in my classes wish they took it.

What other classes are you going to take with it? I took it with a&p II, micro, and public speaking and it wasn't a problem (public speaking was the worst class that semester! haha).