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On my floor, all the staff nurses have 5 yrs or less experience and are all about in the their late 20's. Has anyone else noticed this trend? Where do the med/surg nurses go after 5 yrs?... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I read posts every day from a select few who repeatedly preach about the need to eliminate certain groups of nurses from the profession altogether, such as LPN's, or any non-BSN's for that matter.
    If that isn't considered to be inflammatory or offensive to many in nursing, then I really don't know what is.

    Man, i SO agree with this!
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    Folks.........may we please return to the subject of this thread, which is "Where have all the experienced nurses gone?" If you have concerns with how the forum is moderated, feel free to PM me or one of the administrators.

    Thank you.
  3. by   renerian
    I left the floor in 92. Worked hem/onc/bmt. I loved my job. I really loved it. Worked there over 6 years. Started on 3 to11p, rotated to nights periodically. Waited 5 years to get days. My grandmother died in late 91 for which I got a short leave for hospice. AFter she died I went back to the floor. About 6 months later my dad who had CA also was getting very ill. Went to hospice. He got worse and needed 24 hour care. I asked for a short leave to be there to help him and my mother. My boss said no. It had not been a year since my grandmother died so I could not get a leave. My boss told me sorry so I had to quit. I was very sad that a hem/onc/bmt floor manager did not understand about that since both my close family members died of CA so close together. That was the only reason I left or I would still be there.

    Very sad.

  4. by   mollysn
    I am an aide and in will graduate with my BSN next Dec. I have worked on med/surge floors at two different hospitals. I just took a new job in Oct on a med/surge floor and I'll add my 2cents. I did not take offense at the OP because I have found it to be true. Althought there are many good aides I get so mad because the unit clerk calls me to take care of a pt that is not my assignment because the aide has left the floor for the millionth time. They leave in groups and some nurses join them to smoke do whatever...

    It is irritating because I am busy and they did not say oh will you look after my pts while I run downstairs. They just leave

    So there is a grain of thruth there. End Vent

    For the origional question, where do all the experienced nurses go, hopefully to Club Med :biere: LOL!
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from mollysn

    For the origional question, where do all the experienced nurses go, hopefully to Club Med :biere: LOL!
    I was going to say, hopefully we go to Heaven.........because we've already been through Hell!!:angel2:
  6. by   KacyLynnRN
    I thought this thread was ironic...I was just thinking the other day, I have been on my medical/surgical floor for 3 years now, and it is hard to believe that I am one of the 'old-timers' SCARY!!!
  7. by   kadokin
    Quote from CseMgr1
    To hell in a handbasket, that's where! I am now unemployed after working for the last 36 years of my life. The dominoes began falling after I was forced to quit a good paying job with an HMO because I could no longer tolerate the physical or emotional strain of an impossible workload and 15 hours of commuting time per week. I have held three temporary positions since last June, the first of which only lasted a month, after I was overheard venting to a coworker by the wrong person, the second was for four months, because the facility couldn't "afford" to keep me on full-time...and last, but not least, my brand-new job which began this past Tuesday only lasted one day....after the Manager complained that I had "problems with the computer", not even giving me a chance to prove that I could do this job, which I was more than qualified for!

    I have sent out resumes and applications to at least ten potential employers this week, with no response. In the meantime, unpaid bills are piling up...and I just discovered that my five-year-old car is leaking oil. What am I going to do, if it breaks down on me? How am I going to even interview for a job, then, if I do get a response?

    While I will admit that I deserved to get canned for shooting my mouth off, I don't deserve what I am going through now. I am not eligible for disability or unemployment (I'd get laughed off the face of the earth, for even trying), so what do I do next? This is the thanks I get, for a lifetime of work...DOWN the drain!

    I am on the verge of a full-blown panic attack, and I know it. Am going to go and lie down for a while and try and pull myself together, for this is not helping me at all. Thanks for listening.
    So sorry to hear that. I wish you well in your future endeavors. Maybe you need a REAL change of scenery. Try something completely different. You may like it.:spin:
  8. by   kadokin
    Quote from Thunderwolf
    I support folks in venting...I have too. No problem with that. However, we do need to be mindful that other health care folks, such as PCAs/PCTs/MAs/CNAs, are members here TOO. What would you say if the shoe was on the other foot....with a CNA name calling RNs/LPNs? Would that thread survive the onslought and would it have to be closed down by a mod as a result? I wish no threads to be closed. I needed to intervene to prevent a bad situation...it's my job. The other thing about venting is that I have also read that members can also regret later what they post after the rant. I always recommend to members if you can't post it as if the person was right next to you face to face, you may need to rethink how you post it. I gave a member a chance to rethink it...I didn't censor. Censor would have been my jumping right in and editing it myself or removing it totally from the board...which of course, I didn't do as you see (I only reserve that for very bad language, editing out personal identifying info to protect member anonymity, and troll porn..which I am sure you are very grateful for). So, kharma09, I hope you understand. And for additional info, members are not to criticize mods on the board...against TOS. You might want to review it.

    And yes, RN34TX, thanks for reviewing and self editing your post. Your message is unchanged, but it is more respectful. Again, I share your pain. Been there and seen it as a nurse for 20 years.

    And Csemgr1, I hope things improve for you and you get back up on your feet again. Wish you the best. (((((((((HUGS)))))))

    Thanks everyone,

    Thank you for you gentle advice:spin:
  9. by   mollysn
    Quote from mjlrn97
    I was going to say, hopefully we go to Heaven.........because we've already been through Hell!!:angel2:
    LOL!! Nurse Heaven :angel2:
  10. by   mollysn
    In nursing school you always here that Med-Surge is where you go when you first graduate. It's like an extension of school and that is where you really learn the skills that make you a good nurse. New grads may view Med-Surge as a place to learn and move on to another specialty.
  11. by   Aidy
    God you lot have put the fear into me as I start my medical placement in a few days. I'm male, not that that should matter but I actually joined nursing as I enjoy the caring profession plus I thought it would be a doss, being womans work and all. How wrong I was, six weeks placement on the surgical ward felt like an eternity. I was coming home from work and going straight back to bed. Life was hell and I was so glad to go back to university. I shall never take up a position on a surgical ward!

    25 male Ireland
  12. by   Nurse Ratched
    Oh, my. I'm sorry you were under the impression that nursing was easy. I'll refrain from comment on the "woman's work" aspect and desperately hope others will, too . Keep plugging away at it - while it may never be easy, you will get more proficient at your job, giving it the illusion of being easier. Best of luck.
  13. by   Marylou1102
    I was a nurse on a med/surg floor for ten years after graduating and I loved it. I felt as if I had a real effect on peoples lives. I left because of administration, not the job. For the past 25 years I have been pursuing nursing in other areas. I recently started to think about going back to hospital nursing but after reading your posts, I think I will pass.

    btw, it isn't just the cnas that leave the floor for extended breaks, I have seen plenty of nurses do it too. It isn't the category of people, it 's the quality.